How to Use YouTube Widget to Market Your Business

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Visual elements always have a great impact on marketing. They are engaging, entertaining, provide a great room to express the message, and most importantly, attract visitors’ attention. While we mention the visual content, one cannot ignore the impact of videos as videos have revolutionized digital marketing. 

As per recent studies, more than 51% of marketing professionals say that video content has the highest ROI. Not only that, 90% of the information that people consume are from visuals. Several studies stress the importance of videos and visuals content in this new digital world.

While we talk about visual-based content and videos, it will be sin if we don’t talk about YouTube. Youtube is the hub for video content for people. Moreover, because of its engaging and entertaining content, it stands as the second most popular website. So, now imagine the impact it can create on your website if you display YouTube videos on the website. Hence, many businesses are now actively using YouTube widget to showcase videos on their website.

What are YouTube Widgets?

YouTube Widgets are amazing tools that help businesses to showcase Youtube videos on the website without any hassle-free. 

Often businesses complain that videos on the website often affect the speed of their respective website and eventually hampers their online reputation. And therefore, we have YouTube Widgets, as these tools stream videos on the website, hindering the website’s speed.

Therefore, in recent times, it has been a popular marketing tool for businesses to enhance the look and feel of their website and make it more lively to the visitors.

Where to find YouTube Widget?

One of the major questions that might be striking your mind right now is from where can you get a YouTube widget, right? There are many different ways and methods to get Youtube videos on the website, but we recommend you use Social media aggregator tools, as they provide a dedicated YouTube widget for the website. These widgets display YouTube videos on the website with ease.

Many might argue that the simplest way to embed YouTube videos into the website is by copying the embedding code from the YouTube video and pasting it into the backend of the website. But unfortunately, it might look simple but have a lot of limitations like you have to copy the embedding code of each video manually. Also, you have to keep track of the videos you want to embed and go through the same process repeatedly.

Therefore, we recommend you use Social media aggregators, as they provide a YouTube widget that you can embed on your website and display videos from your desired sources. Moreover, you can even customize the widget as per your requirements and match it with your website’s style.

Another reason for using a social media aggregator for a YouTube widget is that it automatically refreshes the feed. So, for example, if you opt to display videos from a particular channel, your website will display the video simultaneously. Thus, there is no need to manually refresh the feed and carry out the whole process again.

How Can You Use YouTube Widget

As mentioned above, videos and visual-based content provide a great way to express and inform people about any topic of choice.

You can use Youtube to market your products, for example you can upload video advertisements of your product and brand and then embed them on the website using the YouTube widget. This adds liveliness and professionalism to your website and also represents how creative you are. 

Another amazing technique of using the YouTube widget is by uploading “How-to” videos on your YouTube and then displaying them on the website. With the help of social media aggregators, you can embed a YouTube playlist on the website. So you can create a playlist with the videos containing all “How-to” videos and display the playlist on the website. It will help your consumer know about your product and its usage. As soon as you upload another video under the same subject on your playlist, the widget will display the video automatically.

Social media aggregators also allow you to collect videos using keywords. You can use this approach to provide social proofs and reviews of the website. For example, In recent times, we have witnessed the trend where YouTube creators upload reviews or unboxing videos of different products. You can display all these videos on your website and establish social proof for your products and brand to provide your visitors some insight into your products and services and assist them in their buying decisions.

Also, you can even use the YouTube widget to showcase the story of your brand. It will keep the people engaged on the website and eventually instills an interest in their minds. As there will be more engagement on the website, it can increase the chances of achieving more sales.

Ending Note

In this competitive world, one needs to utilize the resources to survive and stay relevant. And as competition is getting fierce, social media has emerged as one of the effective marketing weapons that can help you market your brand and product. However, businesses often restrict themselves by using social media platforms to a certain limit, and YouTube is one of them. With the help of the YouTube widget, you can extract great benefits from the platform. You can get these widgets easily on the internet with the help of social media aggregators, so go ahead, use these tools and provide your marketing strategy in another dimension.

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