How to Start Saving Money for Your Dream Purchase


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We know the feeling – there’s the perfect purchase out there waiting for you, but it’s just a little too out of reach. Maybe your current budget doesn’t quite stretch to that new car or that dream house. But, there are ways you can start saving so that you’ll have the funds for that purchase in no time at all. Keep reading to learn!

Eat on a Budget

One of the places most of us spend our money is on food. We all do that big weekly shop, snapping up offers when they present themselves, yet also grabbing some little extras as we browse the shelves. Well, if you’re looking to save, say no to those extras and simply focus on the basics when it comes to your food shop.

In addition, you can also downgrade your tastes. Instead of buying the most popular brand, go for the basics. You can even switch out some of your more expensive meals for unbranded versions instead, instantly saving. 

Remember, if you’ve been browsing on and dream about a luxury car, you’ll know that those cars don’t come cheap, so you’ll need to save every penny you can! 

Reduce Your Water Usage

Another option to save money is to reduce how much you use in terms of utilities. Water is a big one. Instead of taking a bath, why not take a shower? Showers use significantly less water than a bath, which can have long-lasting effects on your water bills, and you can save the difference. You can also skip a shower or two, rather than showering every morning and evening! After all, it is better for your hair and skin to skip hot showers every day, to prevent damaging your hair follicles or drying out sensitive skin. 

Stop Spending

For many of us, we get a little money in, whether it’s from our monthly paycheck or elsewhere, and then we like to spend it. Everyone has a little habit, so if you know what it is, think about it and try to reduce the amount of time you actually get distracted with shopping. Some of us like to shop in clothes shops, so stop buying clothes or shoes unless you really need to.

You may also be a book junkie, a gamer, or a serial TV watcher. Whatever it is, you should try and cut back on this extra, unnecessary spending. You might actually be surprised at just how much you begin saving once you cut these frivolities from your life. And who knows, you’re probably not even going to miss out on it.

Exercise More

A final option, and this will depend on where you live, is to think about your mode of transportation. If you drive to work every day, why not think about taking public transport. If your work isn’t far, save all the money completely by biking or working to work. Not only are you saving money for that special something, but the environment too.

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