How to Remove your Account Details from your Amazon account

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Amazon is a very popular online shopping website used the world over. It is an American company based in Seattle. Amazon is a multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming with is OTT platform, music streaming with Amazon music and now focusing on Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI.

In India, Amazon has become very popular since its inception and most people use Amazon Shopping Application, Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, and various other Amazon application used for business purposes too. It has entered in every market of the digital world and now through technological advancement, it wants to use Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is trying its hand everywhere in the digital world. 

Be it Alexa waking up, giving us news, music, shopping for us, not missing any important notifications, calls, and messages. Life is incomplete without this whole package in digital world.

Now, Amazon also has Amazon Pay which helps us in transactions too. By using Amazon pay we unlock many offers and schemes and get discounts on other applications too. Basically, the shopping world has become easier and so has transactions. You need not worry about anything in the digital world other than hacking. But, what if, you want to come out of this world and back to reality. Basically, how to delete or remove all the account details from Amazon. 

Well, the process of using this application is very simple and so is removing yourself from it. Your, data is your right you can remove it any time anywhere you want with just easy and simple steps. The process is as follows:

Removing Account details from Amazon account

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the top left where various options or features will appear
  3. Now, take the cursor Payment option and click on it.
  4. Select all the payment options you would want to delete.
  5. Click on confirm delete.
    Removing Account details from Amazon account

All the accounts and its details are deleted from the Payments option. This has enabled you to remove all the account details from Amazon itself. Well, it is safe to remove all the details from the Amazon account just as to not to be a prey of hacking or fraud. In this digital world hacking and cyber fraud is very common so do not even save your account or your debit or credit or any e-wallet details.

If, you want to completely shut off from the digital shopping world then go and delete your Amazon account completely. This will bring you back to the real and physical world. Well, even this process is very simple. You just need to follow few steps:

Eleven Steps of removing your account

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Steps of removing your account

  1. Login to your account.
  2. After signing in see that you do not have pending orders or any transactions to do. If there are any outstanding orders then you need to sort out by either waiting for delivery or canceling the order.
  3. Now the real process starts. Take the cursor to the bottom right of the page, you will see Let us Help you written over there. Just click on it. 
  4. Click here on Need more help option. You will see this feature below the “browse help topics” section. 
  5. Now, tap on to the “contact us” option. 
  6. If you are a prime member then say yes and if not then say no.
  7. A box will pop up where you need to select anyone option from- “please make selection”.
  8. You go on Login and Security and click there.
  9. If you have multiple accounts then you need to choose one account which you would like to delete. If you have only one account then select that account.
  10. There will be options like- email, phone, and chat. Select one option which is convenient for you. If you choose mail then you need to send an email to them; if you choose a phone then you need to call them and if you choose chat then you will need to chat with them.
  11. Whatever you choose, tell them the reason of removing or deleting your account and then wait for them to delete it.

A message will pop up which will say thank you for using Amazon and sorry you have to leave us, do join us back. This is an automated generated message which will pop up. 

Now you will need to wait for 12-24 hours to get your account deleted. After deleting your account an automated generated mail will pop up which will say your account has been deleted. They will even ask you to join them again but do not click on any link there. 

This was a confirmation mail sent to you that your account has been deleted permanently. If you have just deleted then no use of registering it again and making your account again. Now be free as all your account details have been removed from Amazon account permanently unless and until you register again to make a new account, log in and start shopping back. 

If you have still a problem with account details going to Amazon then you need to start doing cash on delivery transactions. This way your account details will be safe. There are a lot of privacy and security policies updating new every time which helps in securing your account every time. So, don’t worry for your data to go away. 

The above process is an 11-step process. It is a long process but the simplest form of removing your account from Amazon. But if you still feel its complicated then below are the few steps that are not complicated. Follow them through the following process:

Four Steps of removing your account

  1. Login to Amazon account
  2. Cancel all the outstanding orders.
  3. Go to help section
  4. Delete your account there.

These are the four easy steps that will allow you to delete or deactivate your account. Now these are very simple and not at all complicated. 

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