How to Pursue a Career Change in HR?


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The next decade might not be a single department for HR professionals. During the past years, HR professionals were like high school teachers, paper pushers who generally the ones running after people were asking them who broke the rules. Now, these are the professionals who have placed much focus on people rather than papers, and like any teacher they make sure that they’re of much help for both the strugglers and the star performers.

But what happens in the future?

Well, in recent years HR has been evolving tremendously and as a consequence companies and organizations are looking at HR more prominently than before. Can you believe that in the coming future a lot of the HR will be decided by investment of top leaders in areas where HRs are facing serious challenges. The changes take place slowly hence these challenges might take time in getting resolved.

However, with newer innovations and changes in the industry the role of an HR has also changed dramatically. So, one does not need to fear as to what will be the future of the Hrs. The evolution will still continue as we see the rise of technology and machines replacing the tasks which were once performed by humans. Hold on — does that mean the HR team will be less important? Obviously, not. Tomorrow’s HR leaders will need to be more tech savvy, thinkers and workforce changers so as to be nimble enough to deal with agile and restless workforce in organizations as a whole.

These HR professionals have come a long way. As a matter of fact, we’re all going to see the development happening in such a way where these profession will be one of the most sought after jobs in the near future.

“I can envision a future where HR professionals are no longer thinking that their job is to stay on top of current HR trends, but to reposition themselves to become workforce advisors,” says Jill Goldstein, global practice lead for talent and HR operations at management consulting firm Accenture in the Miami area.

With technology on the rise, this role is becoming a field that is in demand, exciting and competitive as well. This role used to be about party planning, compliances and about planning benefits for the workforce.  But, today this job role is much more than just these verticals. The smart and the ambitious ones see HR as a challenge and they’re even willing to upgrade their skills.


The above image clearly depicts that the future is bright for HRs, there will be new jobs available in the next decade. And focusing a quick shift and upskilling will reflect a career change for every professional looking to make a career shift.

Your job title is yet to be changed, it is high time that you embrace the new you and start building your skills.

Embrace the new you and stay ahead of others by adding up new skills to your old skills. These list of points will help you prepare your next career change.

How do you make a career change in HR?

  • Get certified and update your skill-set

Certification leads to higher compensation and more promotions. As we all know, certain functions of the HR have become automated such as payroll, recruiting and benefits as well, so every HR professional needs to embrace and expand their knowledge based on the current trends.

  • Focus diligently on people

In 2025, it is said that the HR managers will have ample time to focus on candidates, enhancing the recruitment and retention. In addition to this, they will also need to focus on coaching and management issues.

  • Get engaged in training programs

To incorporate ongoing reinforcement of the principles going on one needs to take up training programs. These programs can help support employee physically, mentally, socially and also in role relating.

  • Get ahead of the curve and start preparing for 2020

One must realize that today’s best practices evolve under different business conditions and can become stagnant within this decade. You need to learn everything about your industry and compliances that you can adapt within the organization.

  • Develop your own voice and be active

You need to network in and outside the field. One must know what’s going on in and around the industry. Network, communicate, get in touch with professionals having extensive years of experience in this profession and look for insights.

In 2025, HR careers will drastically change. Though this sounds absurd but yes, HR professional is going to become a set diverse skill. At a certain level, not only these professionals will administer decisions but they will also help make those decisions — to be known as workforce advisors.

If you need that career change, HR professionals must upgrade themselves from being ordinary to becoming extraordinary and continue with skill development.

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