How to Make an iPhone App for Free in 3 Steps with Appy Pie


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Mobile phones are dominating the world like never before. The amount of time people spend on their phone is explicitly high. This makes almost every next brand to make an app for their audience and gain more reach and sales for their business. 

Mobile applications can be extremely benefitting to the audience no matter what services they are offering. Not only does it offer an easier way to showcase your product to your audience but businesses can also sell their product in a few seconds at a local and global level. 

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If you plan to increase your brand reputation through mobile application, but don’t know where to start. We have come to your rescue. Building an application is a daunting task, whether you know how to code or not. You either spend too much time on coding or spend too much money hiring a developer. But with Appy Pie App maker you will save yourself both time and money.  In this article we have covered the steps of building iOS applications with Appy pie just in three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose your App Name and Color schema

Naming your app is one of the most vital things you need to do, as it defines how your application is perceived by your audience. If you already have a well settled business, do not think of any other name for your application as your existing customers might mistake it for fake. But, if you are someone who is starting with their business. 

Here are a few things to consider while you are thinking for your app name 

  • You can keep your brand name as your application name or a name that reflects your brand’s image.
  • It’s good to select a unique name but it also needs to be simple and easy to pronounce. 
  • You should also consider your customer while you are naming your app like their personalities or preferences.
  • Even if you are starting at a local level you should think of an app name that is globally appealing.

Step 2: Customize your app design and color schema 

One of the best things about building an application for your business is that it puts your brand directly in front of your audience. 

One of the biggest advantages of creating an app is that you get to put yourself on the screen of your target customers. Your app icon is what they will see every time they look at their screen. 

Select a Color Scheme

After the app name, app appearance is something that most catches users’ attention. With the right color schema you can impress users. Appy Pie Appmakr brings on board six explicit app design schemas, allowing you to make your application awesome. You can choose from many color schemes like  Deep Ocean, Dynamic Sunburst, Carbon Mystique, Techno Grey and Cheerful Cherry. 

There are many things to consider for selecting the right color scheme, but majorly it depends upon your brand image. If you are confused on how to choose, here are a few points to consider.

  • Colors representing your brand 
  • Your business’s USPs as well as product line up
  • Target marketing 
  • Client Persona 

If you want to make your application reach a wider audience, app design is an important aspect to consider. This requires more than selecting a color schema. To make your application look outstanding you need to experiment with aesthetics by going through the  design customization sections. 

Here are some of the pointers that can be effective for you while your are designing your applications: 

App logo, Icon and splash

Some of the biggest advantages in designing are App Icon, background and splash. You can put your brand’s logo as your application’s logo. If in case you do not have a brand logo you can use a logo maker tool to design your application logo. You can also use Appy pie design for that. 

Background is another important aspect of your application. Appy Pie allows you to select any block color for the background or select images. You are also allowed to upload images of your own.

Next to the design aspect is the app splash screen which is visible to the audience soon after the application is launched. Introduction page of the application can help you to create a good first impression for your app users. 

Appy pie provides you some screen design features. To create an intuitive application design, move straight to Appy Pie Designs, it makes designing applications convenient. 

App layouts

Designing app layout is more than just aesthetics, it is basically the display of every element that is displayed on your application. The display of objects highly impacts the way people use your application. 

In the Design customization section of Appy Pie design you will find a comprehensive range of ready-made layouts. Go through the options and select the layout that  best suits your requirements  or customer’s preferences.

Fonts & colors

Any statement or categories you display on your application should be clear to the people using your application. All your hard word goes to vain if your app fails to communicate your offerings. 

Hence, the way you write and what you write on your application are equally important. The font and color section of Appy pie design lets you choose the right color and design for each section of the app page such as head, layout and more. 

Your app’s font color and size channels content readability of your application, which means how easy or difficult it is to understand it for your users. Hence, while you choose the color and font of text, check everything twice to make sure it is easy to read for your user.

Step 3: Install the app on your device

While you learn to develop an application it is beneficial to see how the applications will be visible to users. It allows you to check if you are making efforts in the right direction. You can install the application on any preferable device by the help of QR code or the link. Once you download the QR linked application on your cellular device you will be constantly updating about the app look, features and usability.

Now that you know the steps of creating an application, you can now take your business or services to the next level. 

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