How to Keep Your Garage Secure

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We spend a lot of time thinking about our home security, spending money on the latest products and gadgets that promise to keep our family and possessions safe. We don’t tend to give as much thought to the security of our garages, however, and perhaps we should. If you consider the value of belongings people tend to keep in the garage – such as bicycles and power tools – it makes sense to give security there more attention.

Turn the radio on

Most thieves are opportunists. They see something that could easily be taken without anyone spotting them, and then they’re gone again. Don’t give them the opportunity. Keep a radio on in the garage to give the illusion that someone – perhaps even a dog – is around the property. Few thieves want to encounter a person, so by making them wonder, you will deter the vast majority of burglars.

Use frosted glass

Burglars want to know there’s a good chance they’ll get something of value if they break in, so make it harder for them to know what’s in the garage. If you have a side door or a window, use a frosting spray so that light still comes through but people can’t see what’s inside.
Keep things organized inside on longspan racking so you can see everything when you need it. Using long-span shelves and making sure everything has a place will also mean you are less likely to leave things out and visible to potential thieves.

How to Keep Your Garage Secure

Fit an Alarm

Similar to alarms in your house, install an alarm on your garage door that will go off when motion is sensed. Having an alarm box on the outside of the building also acts as a visual deterrent to would-be thieves.

Choose the right garage

Make sure you use the right building materials from the outset. A metal door and sturdy bricks are far harder to break into than an old wooden door that is showing signs of decay. Keep up-to-date with basic maintenance to ensure your garage stays strong enough to resist break-ins.

For more suggestions on keeping your garage secure, see the advice from DIY Tips.

Having a few extra security options on your garage will put your mind at rest, and it might even have a positive effect on your insurance premium.

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