How to Gain Skills in Android App Development During a Corona Lockdown


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Corona virus pandemic hit has all locked down in our homes. Each day is passing and we are growing more and more anxious about our health as well as our careers. In such a scenario, how can you make the most of your free time? Well, you could take up Android development course online!

It is your big-time opportunity to leverage the extra time that you are getting while remaining home to add a star to your software career.

Android app development is the future of technology, and we are well aware of it.

The reason is that developed mobile apps are connecting people from all across the globe in a fun way and making our lives more fulfilling and enriching.

So why not try out your career as an android app developer? In this article, we will discuss all the essential skills that you need to possess in order to become a successful Android App developer.

Android app development

Learn Java language:

To master Android App development, you will have to find your way through the Java programming language. Java is in many ways similar to Ruby and JavaScript as they all are object-oriented; however, it is stricter when it comes to handling the data types.

The developers will need to have full command over Java and very careful with their coding. You cannot afford ambiguity when the mobile environment is concerned, and that is the reason Java is used for the development of Android Applications as there will be no confusion about any component of your coding.

Basic Understanding of XML:

XML was a primary way developed for encoding data for the internet-based applications. XML is a structured MarkUp Language due to which most of its features align with HTML. With XML information can be quickly passed between the devices and can be consistently understood without any disruption.

If you take up Android development course online, you will be taught to create layouts with the help of XML, which will serve the purpose of UI’s foundation for the Android Apps. Therefore, mastering the basics of XML is crucial for the Android Application developers.

Use Android SDK:

The Android Software Development Kit is a package of codes that can be helpful throughout the process of Android application development. Typically, an Android SDK is a module of Java codes that enables the developers to have access to the functions like accelerometer and the camera.

One of the critical components of the Android SDK is Gradle. When you are a new developer, you will have to spend some time discovering your way through the various libraries available on SDK. And later, while you are in on developing your application, you can make use of this compilation process to come up with the best Android app possible.

Android Studio:

The IDE or Integrated Development Environment provided for the Android developers is known as the Android Studio. The Android Studio has been established on a well-respected platform –IntelliJ IDE, which offers immense support for the most common and essential Android SDKs.

When you take up Android development course online, you will be given detailed knowledge about how you can use the Android Studio to expect a well-featured IDE. With Android Studio as you keep completing the codes, auto-suggestions will be shown as you continue to type. Android Studio is an essential part of Android Application development, and you just cannot skip it.

Know about the APIs:

As you plan on becoming an Android developer, you will have to interact with several other services to develop an application successfully. Many companies are going to offer you their APIs and will guide you how you can use them for the extraction of data in a secure yet consistent manner.

While you have the freedom to interact with almost every API, Google has made the life of the developers further easier by allowing them to connect with their APIs as well. However, to leverage the APIs, you will have to have a sound knowledge about what they are.

Bottom Line:

Like every other product, the backbone of an Android App depends on how good the executions of all the compiled codes perform. Your application needs to cater to the needs of the user; only then it can be declared as one of the best.

Before you embark on a journey to build a mobile application, we would suggest you took up Android development course online to master the skills that will come handy to you in the process.

Do not let the feedback interfere with your development process. Instead, take them as your cue to furnish your Android App further, and you are good to go!

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