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Thanks to faster and more stable connections such as ADSL and FTC, it is possible to use a whole series of online services that once was impossible to use due to the slow network. Now, performing a video montage online is no longer a delusion. Even complex operations can be performed in a pleasant and intuitive way by users not used to using these programs.
In this article, we will list the 5 best sites for online video editing. No installation is required. Just click on the proposed link, upload the video through your Web browser and always start working through the browser, all online.
To take full advantage of these online services, it is necessary to have at least an ADSL connection. Once you are in place on the connection side, you can start to improve, cut, assemble your videos as if you were a video editing technician.
As we said, everything happens online. You process the changes directly according to your tastes, and once the video is perfect, you can download it on your PC and view it offline, or even burn it to a DVD to distribute.
The proposed online video editing services are basic free, but you still need registration, and if you want more professional features, it is likely that there will be additional subscriptions to be applied.

1) FlexClip is a website for online video editing that allows you to create stunning personal and commercial videos.
The service is free, and you can even download 1080p HD videos without a watermark.
FlexClip includes a real online space where you will upload your videos, but also images and audio and “merge” them together at will to create something new and creative. Like the other services offered, this online application also has a rich archive of videos, audio, and graphic files that you can freely use.
The graphics interface with which you will interact and compose is very beautiful and functional. Usage is very simple: you just have to drag the item to the level you need, and it will be “assembled” in the new video you are creating.
You can do as many edits as you want, and when the video is ready, you can save it in your online space and download it to your PC. It is one of our favorite sites!

2) Magisto has a name that resembles magic and actually seems to work almost magically. Magisto is another platform to share your life experience in the form of online video.
In practice, this wonderful service works automatically and transforms the raw video material into a video of professional quality.
This online service contains several editing styles already set up that a user can use at will according to the locations, atmosphere, or style of the video clip. You can also insert video clips and create new jobs by inserting background music or titles easily. Furthermore, there is the possibility of converting formats from 4: 3 to widescreen 16: 9.
You’ll also be able to use some settings like blurs, key colors, brightness, fades, fade in, and fade out. The basic service is free, but to use it totally with all the options, you need to pay $5, a really small price if you use it often. However, signing up and trying it costs nothing.

3) Loopster is an online tool that quickly arrived among the top for its intrinsic quality in editing videos.
The service includes a whole series of audio effects and video transitions that will give a professional touch to your works. Loopster consists of a very intuitive, tabbed interface, which therefore facilitates your video editing, cutting and adding clips, transitions, and captions.
The basic version of this service is free, but if you want to add some more professional features, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $4.99.
This service also includes various videos and effects that can be used freely. You can then share your work on the fly by posting them with a click on your Youtube channels or in various social networks like Facebook.
Keep in mind that Loopster is one of the most popular online video editing sites in the world, and this will mean something.

4) Masher is a free online application for everyone with which you can create new videos by mixing various sources including images, music, text, and precisely video. The use of it is straightforward, thanks to an intuitive interface.
To consider that this website offers a very rich archive of preset multimedia elements that can embellish your video. Also noteworthy is the presence of various soundtracks, video effects, and frames.

5) YouTube Video Editor is the tool created by Youtube and that you can find in your account once registered on the famous video diffusion portal. It is not a very sophisticated service, but for basic functions, it works well.
It lets you add special effects to your videos. You can combine multiple movies and even merge different videos and photos with background music. In your account, you will find already uploaded videos that you previously sent on Youtube (and this is already a nice convenience).

Let’s say it’s a great starting point if you already have a Youtube account; everything is ready to try.

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