How to Design and Print Custom Posters Online?


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If you have to Design and Print Custom Posters Online (for yourself or a client) it can be challenging as often people get confused about where to begin.

Most originators assume that developing a great poster will be no different from generating a business card or booklet, but this is not the entire truth.

Even experienced designers can find it challenging to create a great poster, and if you have never worked on one before, it is normal to feel perplexed. 

Furthermore, clients with increasingly tight budgets (accompanied by tight deadlines) certainly make your job difficult.

Nevertheless, it is a fatal error for designers to assume that a poster just has to be ‘attractive’ and nothing else. There are countless things you need to consider while creating a poster, and many people do not focus on half of these when it comes to creating the poster print. (the primary reason behind why posters fail to grab attention)

However, you do not have to be that! This blog will give you step by step guidelines to design and print your poster.

The Smart Guide on Custom Posters

1.       Consider Demographic & Aim

Every poster’s purpose is to inform a specific group of people about a particular event, movie, product launch, campaign, or whatever else is being advertised. It must also do this in a way that is simple and visually appealing (this is where your expertise as a designer comes in).

Now, it is easy to get swayed away when you are creating a poster without clear and proper insight. This can lead to a person getting out of focus and overdoing it. Thus, to avoid this situation, find out the target demographic and set the aim of your poster.

In fact, ask yourself the following questions before you get in touch with your desired printing company India.

·         What is the target message?

·         Who is the core audience?

·         What data MUST the poster have?

·         What is the primary aim of the poster print?

In doing so, you can avoid cluttered designs packed with pointless information/words and start to understand how to communicate effectively with your intended audience.

2.     Enhance the Aesthetics

Typically, posters are used to attract the attention of a target audience and to convey a message. However, it doesn’t matter how inordinate the message is if your poster doesn’t catch your target demographic’s attention in the first place.

Clear focus and a simplistic design are undoubtedly attributes of an attractive poster print, however, there are others as well. It is also a good call to design a poster with striking colors and bold typography to create a very eye-catching effect. You will also notice the use of hefty, bold typography, which also draws the attention of the targeted demographic. For example, orange and black complement each other yet contrast to create an aesthetic enticing design.

Additionally, as part of the design hierarchy, you should ensure that the most significant point is highlighted most conspicuously in the design, followed by the second most important point and so forth. It is possible to achieve these using variations in colors, size and typography.

Now, apart from these two elaborate points, you must also play with font, consistency, design and pick one that suits the above-mentioned points. For instance, if you are opting for a poster for an art show, try to make it minimalistic and modern. However, if you are opting for a poster for a college fest, make it bold, vibrant and appealing.

In any case, do not forget to input primary details like contact number, venue, social media channels and KPIs on your poster.

(Note: to design and print custom posters, keep consistency and placement in mind.)

Final Words

Well, now that we’ve arrived at the end of this blog, hopefully, you understand the key points to consider for designing the best poster. So, don’t wait around, get started on your masterpiece now!

In any case, if you still find difficulties in generating your custom poster print, you can check out ARC Design Print Studio. They have an efficient collection of custom poster templates for all occasions and a simple design platform to help you create and print professional-looking posters.

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