How To Bounce Back from a Sleepless Night in Style

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We all have them. No matter who you are, you’re going to have a night where you get little sleep if any sleep at all. Here’s how you can bounce back from one.

  • When It’s more than Not sleeping

The occasional night of bad sleep is going to happen, but if you are suffering from chronic insomnia, it can make your life a lot worse. If proper sleep hygiene doesn’t work, counseling or therapy may be the best option. Online therapy makes it easy, giving you therapy on your own terms.

Having some coffee or a bit of an energy drink may get you through your day, but the key is moderation. Having too much may make you crash harder and can make you feel like your heart’s racing. Plus, too many stimulants before bed can keep you up at night. Limit your caffeine intake 6 hours before bed.

  • To Nap, or Not to Nap?

When it comes to sleep articles, you hear all sorts of contradictory information about napping. Some say to not nap at all, as that can throw off your sleep schedule while others say a nap won’t hurt you. With napping, it does have benefits, but you do need to time it. Simply falling asleep for a few hours may make you feel groggier.

Meanwhile, sleeping for an hour and a half is a complete sleep cycle, and may give you an extra boost of energy. Find a nice sleeping environment and take a nap.

Take a Nap

Also, there is a power nap. The power nap is a valuable tool. It’s a 20-minute nap that can give you a boost of energy. Some people drink a little caffeine before napping, and then when they wake up, the caffeine kicks in.

Of course, not everyone can fall asleep within minutes. However, even just closing your eyes and resting them for a bit can help.

  • Try Taking the Bus 

If you have to drive, and you’ve gotten literally no sleep, driving maybe a little dangerous. It can be hard to keep your eyes on the road and it makes you less likely to respond to any dangers. If possible, try the bus or another method of public transportation. Not only may you be able to slide a power nap in, (try some noise-canceling headphones when the bus is noisy,) but you will be in a safer environment.

  • Exercise!

When you’re fatigued from not getting too much sleep, exercise may be the last thing on your mind. However, getting the blood pumping can pump more oxygen in your system, energizing you. Not to mention, exercise can make you fall asleep better. Try some light exercise, and you may be surprised by the benefits.

  •  Try Some Meditation and Mindfulness

As you go through your day, dragging, it can be difficult for you to concentrate. Your thoughts may be all over the place. Worse, you may be worrying about what tomorrow will bring. If something in your life is making it harder to sleep, like going through a divorce, it may be impossible to close your eyes. Can you sleep well this night, or will it be another restless night?

You may want to try some meditation and mindfulness. Downloading a meditation app can teach you controlled breathing and ways to be mindful. Being mindful means you are completely aware of the present and are not letting troublesome thoughts get you down.

  • Say No 

If you’ve had commitments, or if the boss asks you to stay a bit after work, don’t be afraid to say no if you feel too tired. Rain check it if you must. In the meanwhile, make future plans with your family. For some ideas, you can click here or go here.

  • When to Go to Bed? 

You may want to experiment with bedtimes. Some who are tired feel like they should go to bed earlier to catch up on sleep, but many find that this makes the problem worse. Some may commit to the same time to put their body on a routine.

  • Don’t Forget to Unwind 

You may feel fatigued, but there’s a difference between that and being sleepy. Fatigued just means you have less energy, but you may not be ready to sleep yet. You may go to bed fatigued, then be surprised when you can’t sleep.

Make sure you spend an hour before bed doing something that relaxes you. An unwinding session can prepare you for a good night’s sleep. If it’s the weekend, don’t be afraid to sleep in and catch up on some Z’s.

A night of poor sleep is annoying, but by continuing on and not making it a habit, you can bounce back.

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