How QuickBooks Hosting Saves Your Time In Sharing QB Files Back and Forth?


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As a small or medium enterprise, your first choice for accounting software might be QuickBooks. A large number of businesses now utilize this tool to manage their accounting tasks and streamline their in-house activities. However, with technological advancement, even QuickBooks Desktop has moved to better and more enhanced infrastructure, i.e., Cloud. 

Most of the businesses are looking for a feasible and flexible option to share files and save time on communication and collaboration. QuickBooks hosting is one of the best methods to achieve that. 

Let’s first see what is QuickBooks hosting, and then we would discuss how this change can help you save time in file sharing and data management.

QuickBooks hosting is a cloud service, where your licensed version is hosted on the cloud. Every data, from files to apps, is shifted to the cloud environment and accessed remotely. QuickBooks hosting has multiple benefits, such as remote access, scalability, security, etc.  

Read more below to know how this hosting can save your time in sharing QuickBooks files back and forth. 

How can Hosting QuickBooks on the Cloud Save Your Time in File Sharing? 

QuickBooks hosting makes your workflow simpler and accounting easier. You can conduct accurate calculations and save valuable business time. Here’s how: 

1. Real-Time Sharing

QuickBooks hosting is amazing in offering real-time access. There are two ways in which it happens:

Firstly, you can access data through the internet anytime. Just use your internet connection, key in the passwords to clear multi-factor authentication, and access your updated files anytime, almost immediately.

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Secondly, you can access files that someone else is also accessing and changing. It is possible because QuickBooks hosting offers access to the same file in multiple instances.

In the traditional setting, you would mark the changes and wait for your team member to make these changes. Till then, you can’t access the file. You need to wait. Additionally, during this time, if you make changes in the file, you may end up creating multiple versions of the final file, which can be confusing.

In the QuickBooks hosting, the same file can be opened in various instances. You can see and work on the same file as your team member and see the changes they are making in real-time. It reduces the time that you need to spend on one task as well as it improves collaboration.

For example, even when you and your team member are in different places, you can connect on a call and consecutively make changes. You can discuss and edit the file side-by-side. It decreases the time of execution and improves your efficiency.  

2. Better Uptime

Another major roadblock is downtime. It becomes a significant hurdle in your accounting processes. Whenever an in-house server goes down, or a system stops working, you may have to wait for multiple hours until the IT team fixes the issue.  

However, it is not the case with cloud hosting.

Your QuickBooks hosting provider runs multiple servers in various locations. They use the redundancy principle to mitigate (almost eliminate) downtime risk. Here’s how:

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The servers are in different locations. The same copy of your updated and latest data is replicated to all these servers. Therefore, whenever one server goes down and can’t return your access call, another server is called, and you are given access. There is very little possibility of all these servers experiencing issues at one time.

If you are worried that this process would take time, then it doesn’t. The whole point of maximum uptime is to offer you accessibility to data quickly. 

3. Remote Accessibility

One of the basic cloud features is remote access. It is very important in allowing you easy access to your data. 

If you had to share files only from your office, it would be a huge hassle. Every time you are away from the office, you need to contact someone to send files to you over email, which is risky or give your TeamViewer access, which is not always possible. It consumes a lot of your time.  

On the cloud, you can just complete multi-factor authentication and access your data files from anywhere immediately. With improved accessibility, your file-sharing capabilities also improve. 

4. Lower IT Interruptions

IT interruptions in QuickBooks hosting are significantly less. You don’t have to keep calling your support to speed up so that you can access your data immediately and share files. 

  • The provider ensures to automatically takes your backups without hampering your uptime. So, your services are not interrupted due to backups and disaster recovery operations.
  • If a server fails, you don’t have to stop sharing files and wait for it to fix. You get access to another server while the hosting provider’s team fixes the old server. Your accessibility remains the same.
  • No one would ask you to stop your work because some security upgrades and audits are happening. The hosting provider takes care of security tasks and updates on their end. 
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5. Security

You may be thinking- how this could save you time. Here’s how:

When your hosted data is securely managed by the provider, interruptions and cyber-attacks are reduced. It helps you enjoy continued services for a long period. You don’t need to wait for a long time until your team can fix the security structure so that your data is not at risk. The provider already takes care of this task with automated security tools like intrusion detection software. You can enjoy maximum accessibility and availability. 


When you switch to QuickBooks hosting, you get real-time access to your data and advanced sharing ability. It saves your time and reduces your hassle of accessing data securely over the internet. Simply go through the above benefits, find the right provider for QuickBooks hosting, and invest in the right solution. 

Just remember to ensure that your provider offers the above benefits in the right manner. Once you have considered these factors, you would be able to extract full value from your QuickBooks hosting. 

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