How HIIT is more effective than cardio?


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HIIT or High – Intensity Interval Training is defined by short but intense surge of physical activities carried out between short intervals or breaks. The startling thing about HIIT is that the body continues to burn calories for the next 30 – 48 hours post workout and works efficiently towards boosting the metabolism and weight loss.  Here is why HIIT is all the rage lately and people are moving away from cardio towards this fat burning regime.

  1. Fat Burn

This is not just about fat burn but HIIT brings to us the concept of ‘afterburn’which is not possible with cardio. Afterburn is the calories that the person continues to burn even after having finished the workout. Studies have shown that even though you do not burn so many calories during the HIIT, you continue to burn even more of them throughout the day. Now this is something that is not possible with the cardio. After spending around half an hour on the treadmill, you still do not manage to burn as many calories as you could have with HIIT.

  1. Space and Time saver
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The HIIT workouts are shorter but intense and they prepare our bodies to deliver oxygen more efficiently than it is possible by cardio workouts. Also, HIIT does not take as much space and can easily be done inside the comfort of your room while for cardio one has to either go out or go to the gym.

  1. Burns more abdominal fat

Studies have shown that HIIT workout is more effective for burning abdominal fat than cardio. As people who stick to cardio also lose muscle mass along with some fat and are at more risk of becoming skinny, on the other hand, HIIT helps in retaining muscle mass and helps in becoming lean.

  1. Makes you stronger

HIIT exercise has its way of building up the tolerance and although you will not realise the transformation from struggling to breathe and to being able to do it smoothly, you will definitely feel the burn and the sweat. It will condition you to work hard in a short period of time and you will feel the difference as you will get stronger in the few weeks.

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