How Expensive Are Glazed Windows?


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In the UK, double glazing costs can vary from £150 to £600 per window. In some cases, it can be more. Consequently, quotes of £2,000 and up are not uncommon in this industry, and it’s why double glazing is one of the more expensive house investments for homeowners. 

There are lots of factors that affect the overall cost of double glazing. Materials, design, size, and other various factors all play a role in the final price quoted for double glazing. 

If you’re keen only to repair your double glazing, costs for emergency glaziers London can vary from company to company. Typically, it’s best to do your own research to find a quote suited to your budget. For example, one small business could quote you a much higher price in comparison to a bigger commercial brand. Therefore, it is always best to shop around for the best price.

The Cost of Double Glazing for a New Window

Prices for a new double-glazed window alone can start at around £200, right up to £700. Window prices for double glazing depending on the type of window you choose. Where UPVC windows are often cheaper, sash windows can be more costly. The decision you make will be influenced by your style preference and what will go with the rest of your home.

To gain realistic expectations of costs for double glazing, it’s important to research what you want so you can budget accordingly for your new windows or replacement windows. Once you have settled on the base cost of your new double-glazed window, you may have to consider additional add-ons such as colour, handles, and type of finish on the windows and glass itself. These add-ons will increase your final price depending on what you choose. 

The glass itself will be an important factor in your final quote. For example, if you’re given the option to have specially treated glass. Special treatment of glass often means it breaks in a much safer way should there be breakage. In comparison, standard glass breaks into large shards which can be more dangerous and riskier. Of course, specially treated glass is more expensive than standard glass. 

How Much Does It Cost to Double Glaze the Whole House? 

Above, the price per window is discussed mainly. However, when you want to invest in double glazed windows for your whole house, there are times when it could be cheaper. Indeed, it makes sense for companies to lower the cost of services if you choose to buy more from them, rather than buying individual windows. Buying in bulk is often cheaper in many industries. 

Final quotes are going to differ from company to company. Depending on where you live may also affect the final quote. For example, London prices may be more expensive than those quotes outside of London. 

As mentioned above, the overall cost will change depending on style, design, and finish. Different houses will change the number of windows that will need glazing. These are all important factors to consider for your quote. 

Overall, UPVC double glazed windows are typically the cheapest option with windows and doors costing around 30-50% less than wood or aluminium alternatives. 

Does Window Material Affect the Price?

In short, yes. The material of the frame is one of the most important factors when determining the price and it’s dependent on the material that you go for. Standard options include UPVC, wood, and aluminium. 

Each material boasts several pros and cons, but for the customer, the price is the most important thing to consider as it all depends on what you can afford. UPVC tends to be the most popular choice due to its affordability. It’s also a stylish, contemporary design that can improve the overall look and aesthetics of a house.

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