How do Inbound Call Centres know about customer pain points?


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Customer pain points are what acts as obstacles for business growth. This is so because if customers are not happy with something, they are unlikely to buy products and services from your brand. That’s the main reason why addressing customer pain points is important.

Generally, companies fail to find customer pain points, thereby, witnessing a drop in the profit levels. To stay away from the negative consequences of being failed to address customer pain points, multinational companies avail services from established inbound call centres.

Specialised inbound call centre service providers always make sure that their clients never face customers’ wrath with regard to support service.

Here’s how inbound call centres know about customer pain points:

1.    Ask for feedback

The best way to know about where your brand is failing to meet expectations is by gathering and studying customer feedback. Asking what went wrong to customers isn’t bad at all, as this sends a signal that you are trying to improve. As a positive result, customers’ faith in your brand will amplify.

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By and large, post-contact surveys reveal hidden errors present into customer service and sales operations. Besides this, sending surveys periodically can give insights into what you need to improve. To get better results, it is paramount to send surveys on the preferred channel of customers, as this is the best way to improve survey response rate.

All in all, if you’re a business owner, there shouldn’t be any hesitation while asking customers specifically what improvements your brand is yet to make.

2.    Check reviews on social media channels

To know about the pain points of customers or how much they are stratified with your brand, checking reviews on social media channels is very crucial. Social networking platforms are the place where customers share their brand experience, especially when something goes wrong.

After having a bad experience with support or sales agents, customers not only rate their experience negative in feedback forms but also go online and write bad reviews about the brand. This has a very bad impact on the brand image and makes customer acquisition process tougher.

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To put it briefly, social media channels, for business owners, are a goldmine of information. After checking negative reviews on social media platforms, it is imperative to reply positively so that customers can understand your brand is on its way to improve things.

Inbound call centres always take negative comments on their chin and make sure that their customer service agents do better next time. In addition, they try hard to improve all the service channels for the sake of better management of support requests. All of this leads to high CSAT score and smooth customer service operations.

3.    Look at your abandonment rates

To clearly know whether customers are gratified with products and services or not, it is crucial to check how many times service interactions are abandoned. This will help you to clearly see how good you are handling customer service queries.

Inbound call centres always check their call and chat abandonment rates in order to learn the reason why customers are leaving without availing desired resolutions. For example, if it is found that long hold times is the factor that is uplifting the abandonment rate, proper measures are taken like call-back service is provided to customers who love to be assisted on the voice channel.

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Similarly, the quality of training programs gets increased so that agents can close chat sessions aptly and promptly. Due to these measures, inbound call centre service providers not only put brakes on the snowballing service abandonment rates but also address customer pain points with flying colours.

Final few words:

To create service experiences that help your brand to win loyalty and trust of customers, it is significant to identify their pain points. Once customer pain points are known, keeping them in mind while improving the quality of products and services can pave the way for fantastic business growth.

With the help of this blog, it is discussed how inbound call centre service providers identify customer pain points. If you are handling customer service operations, take a leaf out of professionals’ book.

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