How custom printed lipstick boxes can win customer’s attention?


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Lipsticks are used to enhance the beauty of lips. A woman’s makeup kit is incomplete without adding different shades of lipsticks. It does not matter what’s the age of the woman is, a lipstick is a perfect companion to add charm to her personality. To make the product more appealing, various makeup brands offer a wide range of lipsticks by packing them in custom printed lipstick boxes. Once the main purpose of packaging was just to protect the products but over time these brands have realized the importance of a customized lipstick box. A well-designed lipstick packaging can grasp the customers’ attention in seconds. It highlights your brand more effectively in the marketplace increasing sales. Let us discuss a couple of ways how custom printed lipstick boxes can win the hearts of customers:

Choose a Punchy Color Combination:

Women are always attracted to punchy and exciting colors, so the first step to design an appealing lipstick packaging is to choose a color scheme carefully. There are several colors that women like including pink, red, purple, and magenta.  You have to choose a particular one to well represent the theme of your brand. In the case of starting a new business, it is recommended to choose a single color combination to create your packaging and brand logo. In this way, you can relate your lipstick boxes with the customized theme of your brand.

Another reason for selecting an eye-catchy color combination is to raise the competition among different makeup brands. Over the last few decades, several businessmen have entered the cosmetic industry.  Therefore, it’s not easy to survive without using a different approach. When a pre-defined color combination will be there on all of your lipstick boxes, your brand will get more exposure. As a result, more customers will be attracted to it.

Print All the Details of Lipsticks on their Boxes:

Various cosmetic brands today have started assuming that printing is only used for branding purposes. In reality, every brand has a unique customization plan. Custom printed lipstick boxes can be used for brand promotion and advertisement but never forget your target audience. Women will take interest in your brand if they are labeled properly highlighting all the necessary details about the product. Women can be a difficult target audience to deal with. They want to know everything from a lipstick box; you the packaging should be designed keeping this thing in mind.

Never forget to highlight the shade, ingredients, recommendation, or even any interesting fact about a particular lipstick. Do leave a space for a logo. It says much about your brand. The businesses who pay attention to such kind of information can face the competition better.

Finished Lipstick boxes will Quickly Grab the Attention:

After working on the printing aspect, you have to consider the finishing of your lipstick boxes. A high-quality finish effect can give a unique identity to your products grabbing the attention of customers at a sight. The businesses have a wide range of options to consider. For example, it’s your choice whether you want to go for a glossy or a matte look or get your lipstick packaging embossed. Other finishing effects like foil stamping, aqueous coating or spot UV, etc can also create a big difference by increasing the aesthetic display of your boxes. Glittered lipstick boxes are also becoming trendy these days. This is because gold color adds more grace and enhances the beauty of your packaging. It looks super cool when used against any color scheme, creating wonders for your brand.

Compelling Design and Layout:

The rising demand for lipsticks for women has compelled cosmetic businesses to bring unique innovations in design and layout for their brand. This is because a large number of competitors are working on how to attract customers’ attention. Therefore a good chance in the design or style of your lipstick boxes can take your brand much forward. Besides, to create a traditional packaging shape, again and again, be playful with the shape of your box. You may introduce a box with a separate lid, sleeve, or one with a magnetic catch for packaging your lipsticks adorably. You may also introduce interesting die-cuts on the top of the lipstick boxes to make them more appealing.

Brand Identification:

Lipsticks are a famous beauty product. If you want to make your customers loyal to your business you should choose unique lipstick packaging that represents your brand well. Custom lipstick boxes are ideal to make your brand more identifiable on shelves. It acts as a strong advertisement tool. The use of vibrant colors, a signature design, or a branded logo can set your lipsticks apart giving a more mesmerizing look. When your packaging can leave a permanent impression on customers, it will affect their purchase decision.

Lipstick Packaging Assures the Quality Being Offered:

According to recent research, your packaging design plays a vital role in increasing your sales. This is because the way you design your lipstick boxes assures the customers about the quality being offered. Perfect packaging makes your products last for a longer period. It protects them from damage, contamination, humidity, or any mishandling. To ensure this you have to choose the best quality material. Paperboard is the most preferred choice industry-wide due to the special features it offers. It is recyclable, affordable, and die-cut friendly. Moreover, it supports a variety of printing techniques to give exceptional results. Thus, you can design custom-printed lipstick boxes by using any design or style of your choice according to your branding requirements.

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