Depression: How Counselling Services Can be Helpful and Where to Find it in Singapore


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Singapore, a thriving metropolis offering a dynamic range of vibrant infrastructure and business environment, is a city, nation and state of about 275 square miles. It has always been an attraction for businessmen and corporations. With the increase in the business world, the stress of work keeps on increasing nowadays in Singapore. As the days pass by, the stress converts into depression, and depression in Singapore keeps increasing.

Depression is actually a mood disorder caused by a feeling of sadness or loss of interest, which can interfere with your personal daily life. This can hamper your thinking process, your activities and your work life too. In Singapore, it is seen that 5-6 out of 100 people suffer from depression, according to a survey in 2010. With the recent pandemic, things have drastically changed over the past few years. With the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, the livelihood has become more stressful and overwhelming, causing certain ups and downs in the behaviour of both adults and children in Singapore. All these point towards depression. And to fight this depression, counselling services have come forward to help you.

Depression counselling in Singapore has become an important issue since mental health is a serious problem prevailing all over Singapore. Counselling services can be very helpful to handle those mental issues. Now let us have a look at the features provided by the counselling services and how they can help you.

What counselling services are being provided, and how can it help you

The counselling services in Singapore provide a variety of solutions for mental health problems, including depression. Since depressive disorder keeps on increasing, the counselling service teams in Singapore have come up with new innovative ideas to help the people in need. Here are some benefits you can get from counselling services.

The talk therapy

Counselling means the confidential talk between the client and the counsellor about the problems they are facing. This indicates that counselling has a different meaning to different people and can help people in different ways.

Know your past, know yourself

Every person has a unique story of their own in the past, and sometimes, that is what bothers them and leads them to depression. The counselling can help analyse the past and channelise the wisdom learnt from the past.

Depression isn’t the end of the world; we can help each other

Helps to ease stress

The main motto of the counselling services is to help ease the stress you are going through. With talk therapy, counselling can be really helpful. Some people don’t have people to talk to, or some even prefer the professionals; a counsellor who listens to what you have to say can help decrease the level and prevent worsening depression.

Helps to deal with the current situation

Depression can occur due to different circumstances (long-term illness, getting bullied, relationships, traumas, anxiety, self-loathing). But with a perfect counselling service and team, it is an impossible thing to get over. Counsellors are there to provide the best possible analysis to uncover your insight and to help you get through it.

To create a new future

From being depressed to being a newly evolved personality, counselling can help you through the whole journey. Counselling can assist you to understand your as well as others points of view which will ultimately help construct your character and build a better future for yourself.

Where to find counselling in Singapore?

Worried about where to find the best counselling for yourself? Don’t fret, there are plenty of good services and centres which provide depression counselling in Singapore. Singapore has always been an adaptive city, and even in this aspect, the city has been providing some amazing fields to treat depression through counselling. You can get a lot of information on the internet about the counselling centres or institutes, but before that, you need to think through what you are looking for. To find the best counselling service, look out for the following:
• Find out what service you need
• Look it up on the internet and read about it
• Go through different counselling centres websites and brochures
• Look what the counselling centres are providing and select the one you need
Now when you know how to find out all these, you can easily decide which is the best one for you.

Counselling is nothing but a journey of exploration. It may take time, but it is effective. Most people think counselling is only for the ones who are going through mental issues or related problems. But not the actual fact is pretty different. Rather counselling can help with your life by constructing, building and creating new opportunities, relationships and networks. Even it can help you to prevent getting depressed on the first hand.

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