How CBSE Sample Papers Help You In Exam Preparation?


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CBSE sample papers are like mock exams whose papers are set as per the latest syllabus, and guidelines issued by the CBSE. Every year they are issued months prior to the exams so that the students can prepare well for the final exam. The question paper is set for 100 marks and the pattern is the same as followed in the final exam. Below are the importance of solving CBSE sample papers for class 10 and 12 students.

The Pattern Of Paper:

Practising sample papers effectively helps to get familiar with the CBSE Board exam pattern. You get to know the types of questions as well as the frequently asked questions that can appear in the final exam. Students of class 10 and class 12, should know about the marks scheme as decided by the CBSE Board. Having an idea about the marking scheme will help the students to prepare accordingly as they can focus on topics which have more weight-age.

Exam Strategy:

On constant practice, you get an idea about the strong as well as weak areas of different subjects and which question to attempt on priority. Few students are comfortable solving the short answer type questions at the beginning whereas a few other students prefer to attempt long answers at the beginning.

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Managing Time:

Since you become aware of the type of questions to start attempting in the exam you can manage time accordingly. Based on the experience that you had while practising the sample paper, the time taken to write long answers or short answers, neatly labelled diagram, proving of a theorem or deriving a formula is all clear to you. Therefore you will divide time accordingly based on the length of the answer and complete your exam.

Helps To Revise:

Start your preparation as early as possible. Once you have finished studying your entire syllabus you can analyze your preparation for each subject. Students of class 12 preparing for their board exam should be thorough with CBSE sample papers for class 12. The sample papers are set in such a way that the paper pattern is similar to the board exam pattern. Try solving as many sample papers as possible.


Students of class 10 and class 12 must take up the mock test, try solving previous year question papers, sample papers to be perfect with the topics and not waste more than required time on each question that will be appearing in the final exam. Practicing the sample papers will make them realize how well they are prepared for the exam.

Exam Fear: Increases Confidence Reduces Stress

As the students are aware of the final exam question paper pattern by thoroughly solving the sample papers their exam fear is reduced to a great extent. They gain confidence also their stress levels due to the exam are reduced.

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