How Can I Prevent My Tree Stump From Rotting?


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A tree is very useful even after its death. That means a newly cut tree always leaves a tree stump in the ground, which can be used for various purposes. In other words, you can say when you are dealing with a cut tree in the backyard, and you have to deal with a tree stump. However, removing that stump creates an enormous mess and leaves a huge hole.

Moreover, if you leave the tree stump, as usual, it will easily attract annoying pests and diseases, but if treated correctly, they can add beauty to your yard or house. Most people think removing the tree stump is the best option, hurting the home’s curb appeal. But they actually don’t know a tree stump can also bring new utility to outdoor home living.

Overall, preserving a tree stump rather than burning or digging is the right option as it can be made into a natural and beautiful thing for your home space. Now the question arises how to preserve the tree stump?

But before that, let’s find out why the preservation method is necessary?

If you want to keep the tree stump in good condition for years, treatment of the stump is essential. The reason is without the preservation process, the wood is exposed and is available to termites or various other pests that can travel into your yard and home infiltrate it. 

So, let’s discuss this in a few steps in which you will come to know how to preserve a tree stump, or you can contact an effective tree stump preservation service:

Well, preserving a tree stump seems like a straightforward task, but it is more than what meets the eye. You have to do various things or steps before working on the wood. Let’s deep dive into those five steps in preserving a tree stump:

1. Drying

This is the first step that comes in preserving a tree stump. That means you have to ensure that it is fully dry. For this, leave the newly cut tree stump on the ground for a few months. However, the minimum drying time of the tree stump is one month; after that, you can start the cleaning process.

2. Cleaning

After drying, the next step is cleaning, which is crucial to use that tree stump for various purposes. That means, before you use the tree stump, you must remove its unusable and unnecessary parts. Start this process by cleaning the tree stump bark. 

However, the bare interior wood is clearly shown that you have completed this step. Moreover, you can remove the bark by hand or take the help of some tools.

Here keep one thing in mind, if you are facing some difficulty in removing the bark, then your drying process is not yet complete, and you must dry the tree stump for a few more weeks.

Once the bark removal process is complete, wipe the tree stump with any clean rags and brush it with a stiff-bristled brush to remove all the remaining dirt and debris. 

3. Sanding and Filling

After removing bark from the tree stump, you will leave raw wood, which is unsuitable for the project. The reason is raw wood is too porous to be used. In order to use it, you have to sand and fill it to get a smoother wood finish.

For this, follow the below steps: –

  • First, start sanding the tree stump from the large surfaces to the side where the bark is removed. Moreover, take the help of medium to fine-grit sandpaper to sand the stump; however, if you want a better finish, use 80-grit sandpaper. 

You must continue this process until no bumps or rough parts exist on the tree stump.

  • After this, you have to repeat the same process using sandpaper with finer grit which helps you achieve a smoother finish. 

4. Fill the gaps, cracks, and various other wood imperfections

The process of wood stabilization is where resin is injected into the wood in order to make it highly stable and hard. You can do this by applying various coats of wood stabilizer, spreading it in a circular motion, and making sure all surfaces are covered.

This step is crucial as it helps preserve wood from tree stumps. Apart from that, it also helps in improving physical properties like durability, hardness, etc.

5. Final Touches

This is the final step, and to keep the wood surface smooth, wipe the stump so that loose wood, grains, and excess fillers are removed. This you can do by clean cotton or by microfiber. However, if you have used excess wood filler, rub it with a ball of steel wool.

Moreover, to keep the bark protected from environmental damages like dirt, harsh sun, and moisture. For the best result, let it dry overnight.

How Long will a Tree Stump Last?

It wholly depends upon the type of tree and the surrounding environment, as most of the tree stumps take around 2 to 10 years to decompose. But if you talk about pine trees and softer woods, they decay faster, whereas Hickory tree takes double the time to decay. 

It would be best to remember that the lower the stump, the faster it will decompose. So, when you are calling a professional to remove the tree, ask them to cut the stump as low as possible. The reason is most of the trees like pine and poplar trees don’t have above-ground root systems that directly branch out from the trunk. 

However, if you talk about cedar trees or wide flaring trunks that cannot be cut low to the ground, you do so. It will cost more. 

Benefits of Preserving a Tree Stump

The tree stump is like a leftover for some people, but it is a goldmine for others. Some of its benefits are: –

1. Good Source of Extra Wood or Lumber or Firewood

Depending upon the size of the tree, a tree stump is an excellent source of wood or lumber for various projects. Sometimes they can be repurposed into charcoal, wood chips, pellets. 

2. A New Biodegradable Home for Plants

Indeed, dead plants don’t look attractive in the backyard. But if you use deadwood aids, they are very crucial to the soil that decomposes. That means various types of fungi, bacteria, and other living forms will speed up the decomposition process, and these nutrients are beneficial for growing plants.

3. It Can be Used for Making Indoor or Outdoor Furniture

If you preserve a tree stump properly, the wood obtained from the tree stump can be used to make high-grade furniture like beds, tables, etc.

4. It Helps in Preventing Pests from Settling into the Property

Using the tree stump for various purposes can prevent the different types of problems from settling into the property.

Best and Weirdest Things you Can Do with Tree Stump

1. Subtle Spa

If the stump is sturdy, it is the perfect pedestal for a birdbath. For this, you can take a basin you have used for the former birdbath, or it can be a bowl. After that, add some stones to the basin, and you will see birds flocking to your yard. 

2. Throne at Home

Well, to make your evening memorable and enjoyable, grab your favorite book with a cup of tea and nestle down in the tree stump chair to make yourself relaxed and comfortable. For this, you have to cut the tree stump to the appropriate height and then sculpt it carefully in the form of a chair. 

3. Farm Table

If you love dining outside in your yard, you can create your table. To make it, you have to create a surface of the stump as flat as possible to give a level base. However, when selecting the tabletop, make sure you consider materials that strike the right ambiance with the outdoor activity.

For example, metal for modern vibes, salvaged wood for a rustic retreat, etc. 

4. Stump Garden

Nothing is more natural than making an excellent flower bed in a carved tree stump. If your tree stump is already hollowed and rotted out, then you can take the full benefit and make that natural garden. 

However, if the tree stump is tact, carve out a basin profoundly and fill it with quality soil. Apart from that, drill some holes on the side of the trunk for drainage. 

5. Gnome Home

This tree stump can be turned into a gnome home and on which you can add fanciful interest to make it attractive. This you can make with the help of material like wood shims, plywood for windows, etc. 

The Bottom Line

In life, falling is not the end because sometimes falling is the start of something new by which you can build and discover new things in life. Like trees, life goes through the same process. For more information, you can contact the effective tree stump preservation service.

I hope this post is beneficial in offering you information about preserving tree stumps and their benefits!

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