How are Digital Certificates making their Way into Education?


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Education is not just for school and college going students anymore. From working professionals to housewives, there is a wide array of people who seek educational courses to widen the base of their knowledge and skills. Hence, institutions offering such courses have to alter their methodologies of educating and make them more compatible with the needs of the learners.

These unconventional learners not always have a lot of time to pursue courses in the traditional way. But, they still feel the necessity to acquire niche skills in a quick and effective fashion. As per a study called Deloitte Access Economics reveals that occupations that require soft skills will account for 2/3rd of all the job roles by the year 2030. This proves that there is a deep need for a change in how qualifications are earned.

We have entered the digital era and it is high time that we start embracing transformation in the technique of accrediting the skills and knowledge of people who will enable them to thrive in today’s ever-changing, digitally advanced world. This article will help you understand the concept of digital credentialing, how it is flourishing in the modern age and its booming appeal to the present unorthodox student base.

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The Relentless need to Upskill

The corporate world is always evolving and with technology progressing at a lightning fast speed, professionals face the challenge of honing their skills every now and then. These days, professionals make endless efforts to earn a comprehensive knowledge of a new piece of technology in the market and before you even know it, a better and upgraded version of it invades the business realm. Now in such an unpredictable and volatile atmosphere, one cannot survive without persistently acquiring new skills.

This is where digital certificates come into the picture that enables professionals to exploit the power of contemporary technological developments. Due to their constant requirement to upskill, tons and tons of professionals are turning to these alternate systems of credentialing in the pursuance of keeping pace with the latest market trends and sharpen the understanding of their current roles.

The Growth of Digital Certificates

Digital credential badges signify the completion of a course or other achievements of the badge-holder. These digital qualifications can be accessed as well as verified on the internet.

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Despite being in their relative infancy, digital badges are a fast-becoming industry recognized, allowing learners to showcase their credentials to potential employers and progress their careers.

Though they are still in their cradle phase, digital certifications are increasingly gaining relevance in the corporate world where credential holders have begun to proudly exhibit their digital badges to employers in order to accomplish coveted positions.

The popularity of digital certificates is quite evident by the initiative taken by IBM of launching a Badger App. They have created a Platform that empowered professionals to gain prowess in digital skills, such as high-level data analytics and cloud tech. It acts as a breath of fresh air for learners who aspire to own digital credentials.

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