Holistic Treatments are the Newest Beauty Trends


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Contemporarily, while struggling through a myriad of health and lifestyle related problems, humans have turned towards ancient resorts. The principles of Ayurveda, Yoga, and other holistic healing sciences had lay buried for long, but, are now being rediscovered in search of physical and mental wellness. These are now an integral part of medical science in not only India but abroad. There are separate formal degrees to master in these and to take these up as a profession. People are also more intent on preferring these natural remedies over chemical ones. They have their own share of followers which is rising steadily.

The same trends have been replicated in the beauty industry. Hair schools and grooming institutes now take up a more naturally inclined approach towards various beauty treatments. Major sections of cosmetic industry, including the leading brands are marketing cosmetics with an herbal tag; and trends show that it considerably boosts the sales. This simply reiterates the increasing popularity of natural remedies. Besides this, traditional beauty practices that have been popular in ancient times are hitting our preference lists once again: holistic spas and aroma bodywork treatments are distinct examples.

This exchange of natural treatment has expanded and taken the form of cross border trade. Chinese herbs, Thai massage, European mud treatments, Egyptian aroma therapies and to top it all our own Ayurveda, Yoga and herbal remedies are the preferred remedies. We have taken in the best treatments from the oldest civilizations and adapted them to suit contemporary usage. 

Since long, the beauty and wellness industries have amalgamated. Makeup courses are no longer dependent on chemical cosmetics alone and are adopting Ayurveda remedies. The overall approach has shifted from concealing and enhancing to treating and improving. Besides this, home remedies and kitchen tips have been popular bates for people but now these are closely interrelated with beauty treatment. Most products and treatments make use of herbal medicines like Indian Lilac, Basil, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera etc. Even hair schools would tend to your tresses with Indian Gooseberry, Indian lilac and fenugreek seeds instilled in international brands. Besides this, the approach is more therapeutic than aesthetic. There are beauty clinics that employ medical practitioners to know the cause of your acne or hair fall, and instead of covering hem up for short term they provide herbal medication to heal from within.

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