Healthcare App Development – Opportunities for Business Owners in the Time of COVID-19 Crisis

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Healthcare and medication are some of the most basic needs of any human being. In the time of COVID-19 when we are not in the same world as stepping out of our houses is no less than entering into the war where the opponent is invisible.

Funny but true! The increasing need for people to get the quality service with the maximum comfort, especially when we are all facing the pandemic effect of coronavirus, developing and using the healthcare applications becomes the need of the time. 

Looking at the situation as an opportunity for the business owners, the advancement in the technology has opened many windows to innovation that can bring a drastic change in the way this ever-growing billion-dollar industry operates. 

Pondering over the challenges that the healthcare industry is facing today, you being the healthcare center owner or a businessman can define some innovative solutions by developing applications using the cutting edge technologies to make the healthcare service process easier and efficient.

To understand the opportunities more deeply, below is a brief note on how the technology trends can transform the medical facilities and can act as a profitable deal for your business.

Technology advancement in the healthcare industry 

Digital Health Telemedicine Isometric Composition

>> Wearable tech gadgets 

The increasing craze for the smartwatches and the wearable fitness gadgets among the young generation signifies that developing applications using the wearable fitness technology can help the investors gain much benefit. The fitness gadgets available today can do much more than just tracking the number of steps the person wearing the gadget has walked.

As people are getting conscious about their fitness in daily life, enhancement in the features of these wearable fitness devices can satisfy their increasing demand. Features like ECG and blood pressure monitors, heartbeat rate monitors that can keep a track of a person’s overall health report through the biosensor patches and can send the report directly to the doctor in case any oddity is found by the trackers.

Developing the wearable apps that can keep a check on the body temperature can help in the today’s time of COVID-19 outbreak

  • Telemedicine apps 

In the time when stepping outside the houses for getting the grocery is harder for people, visiting the hospital to get themselves diagnosed for their basic symptoms is a matter of concern. The coronavirus being contiguous in its nature, people are asked to keep themselves away from each other and visiting the place like a hospital where there are maximum chances for the patient to get into the infected zone is the crucial thing to be avoided. 

Developing an application that can solve this issue is what can bring the innovation in the healthcare industry. Telemedicine apps are one such solution that can make these difficult times easier for people. With an outstanding usage of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing, these apps make it possible for people to get themselves treated virtually through mobile apps. 

With features like automatic chatbots, patients can simply login in and share their concerns with the app and the chatbot that is connected with a huge database of symptoms of the diseases along with the cures will act as a frontline for a person to get quick diagnose and prevention instructions. The app then helps the patient to meet the doctors virtually through video calls and voice chats by scheduling their appointments and helping them get treated sitting in their homes. It also stores users’ reports to help the doctors to prescribe them the right treatment looking at their past records.

Development of Telemedicine apps is thus a great business opportunity for now and the future.

  • Extended reality apps 

Taking the exciting concept of AR/VR technology in the healthcare industry, there is much more room for innovation if we don’t limit the use of this technology to only the entertainment stream. Tech-apps developed using AR can be a great support for the doctors to recognize and study the blood vessels and also helps them during the brain surgery.

Talking about the VR tech-gadgets, these apps are developed for a special category of patients with visual impairments and depression. There is a great scope for revolution if the apps are developed using the combination of AR and VR forming a third steam of mixed reality. The apps developed using mixed reality can act as a great base in enhancing the educational capabilities for the students pursuing the medical stream.

Concluding with the technology advancement, the point here to understand is the hidden scope that can be leveraged and converted into business plans, which is only possible by diving in and finding the right gaps to fill.

Moving further, let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages that come with the Healthcare app development.

Reasons why healthcare centers, clinics, and hospital owners should invest in Healthcare app development 

medical service on line with smartphone

medical service on line with smartphone vector illustration design

>> Increase in the number of loyal customer 

Developing an application for the virtual healthcare system will make it easier for the people to access the quality service that they were in need of. With the facilities getting easier to use, people would prefer using an app to get their basic treatment instead of traveling to the clinics.

It is very obvious the people would like to choose the hospital that provides such services where they can get their reports and appointments booked just through an app, while also availing virtual treatment if needed. This would increase the customer ratio for the hospital and also reduce the healthcare cost for the patient.

>> Faster and efficient service 

Having the hospital on the fingertip, the concept itself is very fascinating for customers as well as the owners. Like how great it would be if the doctor would know about his appointments before leaving his house as the nurse would have entered all the details about the patient and the appointed time before he could actually arrive.

These systems can make the healthcare facilities work efficiently and a faster alternative for the patient to avoid the queues in the hospital. 

>> Profitable financial investment 

Investing in an application that can improve your business operation is way better than spending your money on other services. Healthcare app development for your business can assure you make a hundredfold of the financial investment you have made in developing this app.

The success of the application can bring you a great influx of new customers, help you manage your current services with ease and will also make the payment methods easier for the users to act as a USP to attract them. 

>> Way to stand out in the market 

Having a customized healthcare app for your hospital helps you enhance the kind of service you are providing to your customers. The people being familiar only with the traditional healthcare system will find it fascinating to get themselves treated through the application. 

Looking at the current competition in the market for healthcare apps, there are fewer people who have implemented such customization for their own business. So developing an app at this time is a great opportunity for your business growth.

Summing Up 

Opportunities are mostly discovered in the hard times. Looking at the current situations around, the need for the development of the virtual healthcare application is surging. 

Thus it’s a great time for the business owners to give their contribution to the healthcare app development like Telemedicine apps and on-demand doctor apps that can help the doctors serve humanity better while also opening new windows for their own business.

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