Headaches, migraines & impact on the eyesight


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Many individual experiences a sharp, stinging headache which seems to affect the eyesight. And while we my just ignore the imaginable visions being in the head, headaches and migraines does have significant impact on the eyesight. In case both are ocular migraines, they can even cause temporary blindness followed by many other symptoms. There’re many reasons as to why people have these migraines, headaches with direct impact on the eyesight but first, we need to identify the difference between the two painful onsets for clarity.

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Tension/Strain headaches

These are one of the most common types of headaches occurring from strain, pressure or tension. They can happen frequently with severity depending on the stress level and immediate health of the individual. Besides stress, other reasons leading to strain headaches are common cold and flu, alcohol and caffeine, fatigue, wearing wrong prescription glasses or contacts so on. Preliminary symptoms include pressure build around the forehead, throbbing or dull pain inside the head followed by stress-like pain to the upper back and neck.

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Females are more susceptible to such headaches than males however; treating these can be simple that you can even do at home. Taking aspirin relieves all such headaches however, medical professionals advise against taking too many aspirins since it leads to addiction and the more you increase the dosage, greater would be time for the onset to subside. Even aspirin should be taken only on doctor’s consent for maximum safety and before opting for the medicine, try taking a nap to shun the headache.

Effect on the eyes

Photophobia or sensitivity to light is one of the most common ways tension headaches affect vision. In time, it can cause your senses to become more acute and even though the headache would subside, you should definitely consult an eye specialist doctor for a detailed vision examination. During the onset, avoid exposure to bright light, heat and anything that’s uncomforting.


Severe headaches accompanied by sharp or stinging pain on a single-side of the head are referred to as migraines. These come and go spontaneously with common symptoms including;

  • Physical tasks become more painful and stressful
  • Nausea and vomits
  • Significant shifts in body temperature
  • Excessive sweating and,
  • Diarrhoea
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Changing lifestyle and usual routine is recommended to deal with migraines that may include;

  • Avoid all the elements of stress
  • Sleep around eight-to-ten hours a day
  • Keep the body hydrated
  • Regular workout
  • Avoid alcohol completely

Effect of ocular migraines & auras

Though rare, ocular migraines can cause temporary blindness in a single eye among the individual but, it lasts more or less than an hour. In case the onset persists, consult an eye specialist doctor immediately and explain the entire condition. More severe cases may lead to permanent blindness or any other serious damage to the visual sensory. Auras; floaters and spots before the eyes are also caused by migraines impacting both the eyes however, this effect usually subsides in time.


The next time you feel a headache building up or anything unusual with the vision, consult a doctor immediately and have the problem diagnosed, treated on time.

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