Getting Started with Basic Machine Learning and Deep Learning Courses


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In this article, we would tell you why Deep Learning Course Bangalore is making big waves in the Machine Learning industry.

If you are interested in machine learning projects, you ought to understand the foundational courses available in the industry. Deep learning is an increasingly popular sub-category of machine learning projects. In India, the science is taking a big leap with top MNCs and research labs investing in talent hunt for data scientists, IoT engineers, automation experts, and IT Engineers with suitable deep learning expertise. That’s why it’s ripe time to go for the Deep Learning Course Bangalore.

In any Deep Learning Course Bangalore, you can pick any of these deep learning models.

Deep learning with Python

In any Deep science learning course Bangalore, Python makes the primary base for the projects. It is a general-purpose, open-source programming language that is widely used in most IT and cloud computing architecture. Given its high-level computing accuracy, data science learning Bangalore courses keep Python for producing machine learning algorithms using a wide –range of Python libraries. In the course, Python libraries that make the most sense are Numpy, and Pandas, apart from the industrial architecture framework like TensorFlow and Theano.

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language that is widely used in data science and for producing deep learning algorithms. This brief tutorial introduces Python and its libraries like Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib; frameworks like Theano, TensorFlow, Keras. The Deep Learning Course Bangalore elucidates how diverse libraries and Python- related frameworks can be applied.

Deep Learning with Keras

Second in line to Python’s legacy is Keras. A user-friendly neural science library for Python programmers, this Deep Learning Course Bangalore project uses regression and classification models.

Keras documentation runs with TensorFlow and Theano, allowing for an easy and fast prototyping that can be applied to build user-friendly modules on CPU and GPU.

Deep Learning Course with Apache and Java

In machine learning environment, Java has made a slow but significant start. Most Java-based deep learning projects provide GUIs for performing machine learning tasks for a diverse set of applications.

Popular frameworks in the Deep Learning Course Bangalore in Java Apache background are built using any of these platforms—

  • The Konstanz Information Miner (KIME), Germany
  • Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis – WEKA, New Zealand
  • Rapid Miner, Germany
  • Hadoop
  • MLlib
  • Massive Online Analysis (MOA)
  • BoofCV
  • Encog
  • DeepLearning4j

There are over 100+ platforms based on Apache, Java, and Big Data that can be learned in Deep Learning Course Bangalore.

Deep Learning Course with MATLAB

MATLAB, like Python, is another popular deep learning programming platform that is used extensively in the industry.

MATLAB sustains flexible integration with other open source deep learning frameworks that may not be compatible with Python in most cases.

In most Deep Learning Course Bangalore, certified trainer would expose you to Numpy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Windows, any Linux frameworks, in addition to a refresher training on Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics and basic machine learning systems.

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