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The idea of managing an event campaign sounds like fun and games until the deadline approaches. Event managers must manage a lot on their plates. It can be exhausting to finalize the theme, fix the venue, manage finances, and most importantly, get the public excited about the upcoming events. Would you believe us if we told you there was one way to solve your marketing problems? How? Design and print custom posters online!

Now you’re probably wondering how this can help! After all, custom posters are only a part of marketing! Is it really possible for these to get a lot of people hyped about an event? Well, it is probable!

How? We are going to take a look at that in our blog! But, first things first –

What is an Event Poster?

Most of us assume that posters are like flyers! We use these to invite people to campaigns or promote a sale, or activity. Some of us also use posters of our favorite shows and ideologies to make our private spaces look attractive.

But, when we are talking about event posters, these are a tad professional. By definition, event posters are usually used to announce events at a venue, and they provide pertinent information about the event to entice people to attend. They’re also very effective for promoting purchases or attracting more people.

Additionally, most event posters are personalized. In fact, when you take note of public events like Weekender, Movie under the sky and others, the posters designed for these are customized and made via the best online print stores.

Today, we are going to unravel the tips to create and market an event/campaign using posters!

4 Guidelines to Design and Print Custom Posters Online

1.   Let the Theme do the Talking

Themes are central to each campaign or event. For instance, if you are raising money to support women’s rights, then you have to make the poster pretty impactful and moody. Use strong graphics, compelling images, and a catchy tagline.

Also, include the time, place, social media channels, partners etc. in your poster to make the public aware of where and when you plan to conduct your event.

2.   Ensure the Readability of Your Poster.

It doesn’t matter which printing company Kolkata you are tying up with. If you are the creative head behind your poster, ensure that your design is clean. Further, after selecting the template, check and see if your font, text and design fit inside clearly.

Check your poster’s visibility; from close proximity and also from a distance.

Once it fits all of the criteria, your poster is good to go for printing.

3.   Action Words Work Best

Whether you are opting to promote an event or a campaign, action words can take your poster a long way. Research claims that words that are actionable instill a sense of purpose within viewers. For instance, the NH7 Weekender used the tagline – #Do what makes you happy again.

This statement is simple, but it got people to indulge in it. In fact, the event along with its hyped-up promotions sold tickets like hotcakes.

Similarly, use an active phase with action words to make your poster look inviting and powerful.

4.   Use the Best Printing Enterprise

When you are deciding to implement your design and ideas for an event poster, you must pick the best printing company Kolkata for the job.

The best businesses are those that operate independently! These companies have their own printing tools, designers, software, warehouses, etc., and do not rely upon middlemen.

As a result, if you opt for such printing companies, for example, ARC Design Print Studio, you can enjoy inexpensive, high-quality printing that is also professional. On that note, now that you are aware of the design and print aspects of your poster. Time to jump into marketing tips!

Make Your Campaign the Talk of the Town with Custom Posters – Tips

1.   Start Early!

When it comes to event promotions, it is advisable that you start early. Use social media to the max, and also use posters in local areas to let people know of the upcoming functions.

You can also create separate posters highlighting the event’s USP. For instance, talk of celebrity guest appearances and more to build the interest of people.

2.   Public Visibility

Once you have printed those dream posters, the next step is getting them noticed. So, for events and campaigns, ensure to hang posters in visible areas.

For example, you can hang your poster in a mall, a railway station, subways, restaurants, public parks and other public sectors.

Additionally, if you are hosting an offline promotion, hand out these posters to a potential audience and build the hype.

3.   Digital Promotion

You can also use your posters for digital promotions. For example, say you are opting for email marketing, newsletters etc.

Ensure to include your poster in the mail to grab the notice of consumers. You can further give these out to customers that have bought tickets or invested.

Final Thoughts

We have arrived at the end of this blog. Hopefully, by now you have a clear idea of how a simple marketing tool such as a poster can work a long way to benefit your campaign/event promotion. Therefore, if you wish to design and print custom posters online, make sure to use the above pointers for ideas. On that note, do not forget to invest in the best printing company in Kolkata for quicker, affordable results. You can check out ARC Design Print Studio if you wish to print affordable, high-quality posters that elude an artistic vibe.

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