Understanding G Suite, its Features, and Advantages

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We may have heard someone talking about G Suite and didn’t understand what it meant. G Suite refers to Google’s suite of various intelligent apps. These were formerly known as Google Apps until 2016 when it got rebranded. These apps are a great benefit to businesses, especially the ones that use email hosting. However, G Suite has more than just emailing. Google’s suite includes several features and apps that are quite handy. Surprisingly, you could be using one or several of these apps.

G Suite Features

Many individuals and businesses have turned out to be fans of cloud computing. Cloud computing is easy, fast, and highly affordable. Although using the cloud system is easy and cheap for individuals, businesses also need cloud services. This is why we have the G Suite in place.

G Suite can be described as a combination of cloud computing, collaboration, and productivity tools, software and other products developed by Google. When we talk of G Suite, we are simply talking of Gmail, Google Meet and Hangouts Chat for communication; Google Slides, Keep, Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Sheets for collaboration and productivity; Google Drive for storage.

Consumers use these services for free, but G Suite comes with unique enterprise features. One of such features is the custom email address at a domain, e.g. @yourcompany.com. It also includes an option for your business to have unlimited cloud storage. This depends on the plan you purchase and the number of members. Amazingly, Google’s Suite has other additional advanced settings and administrative tools. When you purchase G Suite for your business, you will also enjoy a 24/7 phone and email support.

Consider Buying from TS Cloud G Suite Reseller

We are all in business to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. For those who may consider it expensive to purchase these packages, you can sign up to G Suite with TS Cloud. It is a reliable G Suite seller in Malaysia. You can also purchase G Suite from this reliable seller in Singapore and be charged in your local currency.

Local G Suite resellers offer technical support to their clients in multiple languages such as Chinese, Malay, and English for easier communication. Signing up qualifies you to access weekly newsletters, online support, and much more. TS Cloud provides its customers with complete consultation at no cost.

Although G Suite pricing varies with the region, Google charges $6 per month for the basic premium and $12 per month for the G Suite Business. The TS Cloud Company will give you various terms and conditions of service to understand when and how to get a discount on multiple packages and tiers.

It would be best if you did not doubt that TS Cloud is a Malaysia based Google Premier Partner that is affordable and reliable. The company also has its operations in Singapore and therefore you can enjoy its services from either of the countries.

We can sincerely agree that using G Suite is simple, affordable, and convenient. It is the best take for a business that is looking into a reliable all-in-one cloud platform.

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