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Fishing provides a lot of enjoyment when you come with complete preparation. You can go fishing in any weather, although it can be very uncertain at times. During the summer, you may become hot, and you need a gear that is breathable at the time. But in the winter, cold can catch you, and you need a gear that can provide you with more warmth. Your equipment should be waterproof as well for both seasons.

A rain jacket is the right piece of equipment that helps you catch large fish in any weather. You only need to choose the best rain gear for fishing to give you maximum support. To simplify your job, we’ve shared a review of excellent rain gear. Keep reading the whole article until the end to learn more about this gear.

Review of FroggToggs All Sport Rain Suit

The FroggToggs All Sport Rain Suit is one of the best rain gears for fishing available on the market today. It includes a lightweight jacket with a pant set. It can also keep you comfortable in any weather condition. Besides, this rain gear comes with a lot of features. So, let’s get into them below.

Durable Material

The rain suit is the construction of a mixture of fully polyester with non-woven polypropylene material. It includes a jacket and pants, and both the jacket and pants are adjustable with a removable hood and a full-length parka-cut. The jacket also has an open-waist design so that you can feel it breathable during hot weather.

Waterproof, Comfortable and Breathable

This jacket is waterproof and wind-resistant to provide you breathable performance at a time. When you become hot during the summer, this gear is both waterproof and breathable to match the weather. But in the winter, this gear protects you from cold and provides you with some extra warmth. Besides, with these excellent features, it also helps you feel comfortable while wearing during the fishing time.

Multiple Sizes and Colors

This rain gear comes with numerous size and color options so that you can choose your preferred one. It allows you to choose your right one from different sizes, ranging from small to 3x-large. The jacket comes in multiple colors, including black, dark green, stone, royal blue, and many more. We’ve found 17 different colors of this rain gear. Like the jacket, the pants are provided in black to match all the color options of the jacket.

Additional Features

This rain suit comes with some other essential features. The jacket has a storm flap that covers the jacket zipper. It also comes with a removable hood for versatility. It has elastic cuffs to keep you dry in cold weather. Similarly, pant comes with an adjustable, elastic waist and leg openings to ensure breathability.


  • Made of lightweight and breathable material
  • Provides a comfortable fit for a long time
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Reasonable at price


  • Both pants and jacket don’t have any pocket


In a word, this suit is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. It will also make you ready for fishing in any weather condition. So, stay out dryer for longer with this rain gear. Hopefully, it will keep you happy and healthy at the same time. However, if you pick this rain gear, it may be a suitable option for you.

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