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Do you want to embed beautiful and attractive Facebook photo albums on your website? Are you looking for free and effective tools that help you do this job efficiently? Then you are at the right place, give this blog a read till the end and discover free tools to embed Facebook photo albums easily on your website. 

Many websites display Facebook posts on the website in order to boost their visitors’ engagement and build unique content. 

Facebook is one of the largest social media channels where all types of businesses want to have a presence thus they share lots of posts and photos on their Facebook account to connect and engage with their right audience.

There are various tools and plugins available on the internet to help you embed Facebook photo albums on the website easily. However, finding one perfect tool from hundreds of options is a bit of a difficult task. So here we are offering you some amazing Facebook photo album embedding tools that you can use for your website. 

Let’s discover these amazing tools to expand your arsenal to build a strong and engaging website. 

5 Amazing Free Tools To Embed Facebook Photo Album On Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a popular social media aggregation tool among marketers to boost audience engagement and social proof by embedding social media walls on their website. 

With the help of the Taggbox Widget, anyone can collect social media content from multiple sources in a single click and display them on their website in a completely code-free manner. 

You can collect and embed Facebook photo albums by creating a free account on Taggbox Widget. With a free account, you can create Facebook album feeds, customize them using various layout designs, moderate it to remove any posts, and perform many other tasks to build a perfect Facebook widget for your website.  


Tagembed is another popular and growing social media aggregator tool on the internet, offering free features and functionalities to present Facebook photo albums on the website. 

Similar to the Taggbox Widget, Tagembed also provides a single-click curation and integration of Facebook albums on websites without any need for coding and technical expertise. 

The easy interface of Tagembed allows everyone to operate and build a beautiful Facebook Widget to display on the website. 

You can also personalize Facebook photo albums using various themes, designs, background styles, and many more. As it also provides a life-long free plan to embed social media feeds, you can embed your Facebook photo album on your website without costing a dime. 

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is one of the top-rated tools to embed social media feeds on the website. With its diverse set of functionalities, many business and brand websites prefer Smash Balloon to create social media feeds on their website. 

Smash Balloon allows users to easily create and embed the Facebook widget on their website. Its Custom Facebook Feed Pro feature allows users to embed Facebook albums on the website easily. 

Same without any need for technical terms, you can embed Facebook snippets on wordpress websites with a few clicks only. Also, regardless of any content management platform, you can embed Facebook albums on your website without getting any technical glitches.


EmbedSocial makes a place on the top search engine results ranks when it comes to embedding Facebook tools and plugins. EmbedSocial provides effective free Facebook plugins that incorporate easy integration of Facebook posts on the website. 

This social media aggregator plugin helps you collect facebook posts using keywords, tags, and Facebook pages of your business. EmbedSocial offers easy integration of Facebook posts by enhancing them with various designs and themes to make them attractive and align with your website designs.

Also, you will get complete support in the process of collecting, customizing, and displaying Facebook photo albums on your website for free. 


Last but not the least, another top Facebook feed benefactor that allows users to embed alluring Facebook feeds on the website is Elfsight. When you search for the Facebook feed, this is the prominent tool that always appears on the search results with every other tool mentioned above. 

Elfsight is a popular free tool to embed Facebook photo albums on the website in a creative and efficient way. Many websites use the Elfsight tool to embed social media feed plugins to grab their audience’s attention and keep them engaged with the unique content. 

With Elfsight, you can create Facebook visual galleries on your website in a beautiful representation. 


Hence these are some popular, top-rated, and highly recommended tools to embed Facebook photo albums on the website creatively. 

Anyone can easily use it and showcase their uploaded Facebook content on the website. These are highly user-friendly which a non-tech savvy person can also easily use. 

Choose any of the above to accomplish your Facebook embedding goals and build a beautiful widget for your website. 

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