Four Ways Mobile Apps Are Making Our Lives Easier


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Countless apps are designed to keep us informed about our life and environment. From phone monitoring apps for Android to apps for managing our finances, mobile apps keep us updated about every tiny change in our routine.

Here are four different ways mobile apps are making our lives easier.

  1. Get Weather Updates Anywhere, Anytime

Weather apps help us dress (appropriately), schedule, and prepare for any potential problems like heat waves and flash floods.

Weather apps are quite reliable as they take updates from the satellite images. These apps are slick with a simple-to-use interface. These apps have the ability to pull data from precise locations. Anyone can set up scheduled alerts that notify the user at specific times or whatever condition you want to be notified of. Then these are daily weather reports offered by these apps.

The app Hi-Def Radar developed by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) offers clear maps and images through its satellites. The NOAA app can also send accurate alerts at any given time within 10 miles of your location. It also notifies the user about the possibility of a severe storm in his vicinity.

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Some other weather apps like Accuweather and RadarScope offer the same features. They also offer a customizable suite of features which can be life-saving in adverse weather conditions.

  1. Monitor when a person arrives or leaves an area

People nowadays benefit from many useful phone monitoring apps for Android. The iPhone has its own built-in Find My Friends app but not everyone understands them. These apps can be life-saver for many people. For example, you can configure Find My Friends on your iPhone and it will inform you when a friend has arrived or left a destination. With the help of this app or phone monitoring apps for Android, you can keep a track of loved ones who are elderly, minors traveling alone, or anyone with special needs. It can also be helpful for those parents whose kids have habits of wandering off.These features are easy to activate and operate. You can activate them by adding friends via the Home screen of the app. After adding the contact to this feature, you will share your location with the friend you want to track. This will also allow those friends, whom you are looking to track, to track you as well. You can set up the notifications to alerts your friends when you arrive or leave a location. The same can be done for your friend.

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Android users have a choice of options to choose from. There are phone monitoring apps for Android like Familo that only requires a phone number to track someone’s location. There is also a version of Find My Friends for Android users though it is different from the iPhone.

  1. Manage your finances

Banking apps have made it easier for us to manage our finances. Banking notifications have two major benefits. First, when checks are cashed or an automatic payment is complete, you are notified. This ensures that your accounts are current. Secondly, these alerts can also bust any criminal activity in case your credit card is skimmed or stolen. You can report any dubious transactions to your bank right away.

Bank applications offer different options in their apps. Depending on the services offered by your bank, you can look in the settings section of your app and set up special alerts. Most of these alerts are in the form of SMS instead of push notifications. There are also third-party apps that can be connected to your online banking app for an extended range of options.

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These third-party apps ask for access to some private data but they have some useful tools to manage your transactions.

  1. Avoid traffic jams and accidents

You may live 10 minutes away from your office, but one fatal accident in or within the proximity of your route can keep you busy on the road for hours. Prior information of the traffic jams can help you reroute your trip.

Apps like Google Maps, Waze, and INRIX can assist you in planning your drive route. Though these apps have built-in GPS monitoring systems, they are also capable of informing you about traffic jams, accidents, and severe weather affecting specific routes through their alerts.

Not only they help you in deciding your route and outsmart traffic, but they also offer a good variety of alert preferences. For example, Waze lets you schedule reminders if you want to leave for a destination in a certain amount of time. It automatically chooses the route for you and informs you when you need to leave for that destination.

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