Five Ways a Home Lift Can Transform Your Property


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Are you a person with limited mobility? Do you live with a person or persons with limited mobility? Are you looking to find a practical and easy way to provide access to all areas of your home? 

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then it is possible that installing a home lift could ease your ability to move freely around your property. Installing an at home lift can make everyday tasks like moving between floors, carrying laundry up and down stairs, and getting out of your home much, much easier.

If that doesn’t sound like enough of a reason to get a home lift, here are five more advantages to getting one installed in your home. 


  • Accessibility


The number one priority of most people installing a home lift is accessibility. For those who with limited mobility negotiating a building with more than one floor can be difficult, and it can strip them of their independence. By having a home lift, it is possible to regain that independence and to have access to all of the floors in your home. 


  • Safety


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Stairs can be a daunting task and can introduce a lot of risk for someone with limited mobility. Taking out that risk factor can be a huge relief and replacing it with the comfort and quality of an at home life means that you will not have to limit your movement around your house. Make sure you are using a reputable installing firm such as Terry Lifts, who have been lift experts in their field for some sixty years.


  • Value 


The value that a home lift places on your freedom is invaluable, but the value that it adds to your home is easily calculable. Adding a home lift can make your home more desirable for future buyer. Even if you are not intending to use the lift yourself, for a modern home owner, a lift could be the difference between buying and not buying. 


  • Health


Having restricted access both within and outside your home can result in feeling cooped up, and this can make you feel unwell, both physically and mentally. An at home lift doesn’t have to just be installed inside your house but can be used to help you access your garden as well. For houses that have step access to the garden, lifts can be used in place of the stairs just as they can be inside. This makes getting outside and enjoying some fresh air to lift your spirits much easier.


  • Maintenance 


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Despite seeming like an enormous luxury, there is a rising trend of having lifts installed in homes. Plus, having an at home lift is surprisingly inexpensive to maintain. Once installed, the only expense you should have for it will be cleaning products. Making sure your lift is well cleaned is the best way of ensuring that it functions correctly and safety for years to come.

Having the freedom to move around your home should be a shared experience for everyone, install an at home lift and make that freedom a reality for you. 

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