Five Essential Tips to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Destination Wedding Clients


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Be it a wedding planning business or any other industry you’re functioning in, the customer is your most prized asset. All your efforts must work on satisfying them and improving their experience with your service. Wedding planning is a huge industry that is no exception to this.

Destination weddings have always been popular, especially with many couples choosing less traditional celebrations than in years past. It is the best time for you to establish a strong and impressive reputation to become the leader in the industry.

Customer service can be your most powerful tool to build a positive reputation in the industry and among your target audience.

When it comes to destination weddings, your prospective client may feel indecisive about the right place for their wedding.

Here are five tips that can help you convince the client to choose your service, and also help you in offering a customer experience that would project a constructive image of your business.

  • Make Attractive Proposals to Your Prospective Clients

Wedding planning starts with the right ideas. If you’re able to give your clients the right ideas in your pitch, you can finalize the deal successfully. So, make sure you work thoroughly on your service proposal.

For this, start by first knowing what your client wants and what their expectations are for this important event. Make an effort to understand your client and then come up with unique wedding venues that would go well with their expectations.

Draft your plans by understanding the thought process of your client. To help, you can come up with wedding packages that allow the customers to secure a combination of services at a discounted price.

If you’re able to give a destination wedding proposal with the right ideas in the right package to your client, it can definitely help you achieve the trust of your client.

  • Add a Special Touch to the Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. When a client chooses your service to plan their wedding for them, it is because they felt a personal connection with you, and they trust you.

Small gestures can make a huge impact on your client. So, you can add a few things that can show some special touch in the planning. For instance, you can have customized cupcakes from client’s favorite bakery or have gift vouchers for the couple to redeem after the wedding.

  • Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Being a wedding planner, you have the responsibility to ensure that the entire event goes off successfully and nothing goes wrong. No matter how efficiently you plan, a few things can happen unexpectedly that you cannot control.

For instance, a sudden change in weather, a flat tire of one of the cars used during the event, or late delivery by the vendor due to any mishap – any of these incidents can happen. So, to make sure that your client’s big event is not affected in any manner, it is best that you remain prepared for such incidents.

You need to have backup supplies and vendors on standby to make sure that you have deliveries on time even if one supplier fails to make it to the destination. You also need to have an alternative vehicle available in case of car troubles.

Make sure that you have the weather forecast for the entire week in which the destination wedding is planned for your client. This will give you heads up for how the weather is going to be and how you’ll deal with different situations if there’s a sudden change.

When you’re prepared for everything and have taken into consideration the best and worst possibilities while planning, you’ll be able to execute the event without any disruption. This will make a tremendous impact on the overall customer service.

  • Be Attentive Before and During the Event

The art of making your client feel valued is the secret of good customer service. A wedding is an emotional and very personal event in a person’s life. Your client should be able to clearly tell that you understand the significance of their event and will do everything in your capacity to make the day amazing for them.

You need to be more attentive to destination wedding clients and take every detail carefully so that you know what arrangements you have to make. Similarly, during the event, you have to remain attentive to not just your clients but the attendees, too. This will show that you’re valuing your client by taking care of their guests, too. It can make a very good impression of your service.

  • When It Comes to Expectations – Deliver More!

When it comes to destination wedding clients or your other clients, always try to surpass the expectations. This can actually wow your clients and make a lasting impression. Do everything in your ability to make things comfortable for your clients and the wedding attendees.

Be prepared to resolve any and all issues that may appear during the stay of the guests at the place of the wedding. From the smallest thing to the biggest, make sure you remain observant.

From calling the taxi or getting the booking details for an attendee, make sure no one has to wait for anything. Although this may not be the part of the wedding package that you’re offering it would definitely earn you extremely good points on the customer service board.

When it comes to the wedding planning business, customers tend to trust word of mouth and referrals a lot. This makes customer service all the more important in destination wedding planning. From unique wedding venues and impressive wedding packages to taking care of the smallest detail and adding a personal touch to the wedding – it is all about making your customer feel valued by you.

Happy customers can become a lifetime ambassador of your service and there is a high probability that they’ll publicize your wedding planning business to boost your credibility and recommend several prospective clients.

Always follow up with your clients after the event so that you know their thoughts on the service you offered. Getting insights from your clients can help you improve the experience for your customers.

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