Fire up the Light Again in a Failing Relationship


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We all have heard of the famous saying ‘it takes two to tango’. The saying holds true when it comes to a relationship. It actually means, that in any relationship it takes to give and take, and not only expect to take and take. To make a relationship work and grow, both the partner should think and care of each other, understand each other’s need and wants and the most important thing between the two of you is love that you both share.

Whenever we all enter into a relationship, a breakup is perhaps the last thing that we ever think of. But, there are times when we all find that our relationship is in danger then what do we do? Instead of just allowing it to die, why not give it a try to heal and save the failing equation with some simple yet effective means.

Considering to save a failing relationship

We all change with time, but there may be time when you need to change alone instead changing together. Try and get back to be what we were once. Separation might be the last option you would ever want and hence let’s give it another last try.

  • Try to identify the problem in a relationship

Finding out what the exact problem lies is discovering what is the main culprit behind all of it? All relations have problems but all problems are not created equal. Without knowing and fixing the problem/s going ahead is creating a bigger opportunity for confrontation further. If you know the problem and have been not attending to it, you might have just lost the opportunity to address it. Any issue in a relationship is worth a discussion, as all of them have the strength and potential to become bigger and bigger if left unattended. Discovering the problems will give both of you the chance to mend it.

  • Always discuss the problem with each other

A relationship is always about the two of you and hence cannot be solved alone. With any problem arising between the two of you, develop the courage to bring it in front and discuss upfront. The discussion will lead to some sort of solution and thereby, you both will be able to save it from fragmenting. Never, try to do all by yourself as you will make it worse than solving it.

  • Ask yourself – do you still love each other?

Love hold all the keys. If there is no love between the two of you, than whatever may be the problems – easy or complex, by no mean you will be able to save it. The true feelings, the feeling of love is the determining point in resolving issues and save a dying relationship.

Failing in a relationship is an emotional and intellectual reaction towards each other. On the contrary, being is a relationship is a continuous process that needs time and efforts to stay in love forever. If there is no love, understanding and emotions left in a relationship towards each other, than it is you two only, who are responsible for it to fail.

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