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Diwali is probably the biggest festival in India. It is celebrated with grandeur and also as it marks the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya in Hindu Mythology. It is the festival of light, warmth, friendship, and exchanging gratitude with each other. One of the main practices that are carried out on the day of this beautiful festival is exchanging gifts. It expresses mutual gratitude and brings more wealth to your home according to Indian traditions. As every individual and family is different, sometimes it is extremely difficult to buy and choose Diwali gift.

There are too many options available in the market that makes it more confusing and exhausting. So, we have corroborated the best options for you that you can give to the people around you this Diwali.

Lakshmi and Ganesha idol

If you want to go all traditional this diwali, this gift is over you. They come in all shapes and sizes and made with durable and attractive material. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity and Ganesha and Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the patron of art and sciences, are worshipped all over India on Diwali.

Hence, gifting these idols will be a great diwali gift for all your loved ones. These idols come in hampers with diyas, sweets, and other add-ons that would make this the perfect gift. Gift this auspicious hamper of Lakshmi-Ganesha hamper to receive more compliments than ever.

Luxurious tea cup set

The consumption and production of tea and coffee are very wide in India. People consume and serve tea or coffee as a sign of welcome. So, gifting a beautiful teacup set would be a great and thoughtful diwali gift. These pieces are exclusively designed to give a sophisticated and shining finish to them. They too are available in all shapes and sizes and you can choose the preference of the family you are gifting them too. 

This will also prove to be a beautiful practical gift as people will regularly use it in their homes.f you want your Diwali gift to be luxurious and well thought off, these beautiful cup sets are the right choice for you.

Unique photo keychain

If you want to send a unique Diwali gift in Mumbai, consider a unique photo keychain. This is a personalized gift that will make the person you give it to feel appreciated and loved. You can choose your favorite photo of them or any picture for that matter and get it inculcated in a beautiful key chain. 

All these keychains come in crystal color with an added transparent finish. They also have a 3d effect for images which would make the picture look more alive and perfect. They also come with a unique LED light that runs on a battery. This is an extremely personalized gift with a lot of modifications. 

Beautiful table clock

If you have friends and family who always struggle to wake up on time or just manage time in general? Then please give them these beautiful table clocks on Diwali. This is an extremely thoughtful gift as everybody in the world uses a clock.

In addition, these clocks come with countless styles and designs to suit your preference the best. They come in digital and analog-style to choose from. A unique and good alarm system makes them very useful. It is an extremely practical and useful gift that the person you give it to can use daily. They will remember and mention you whenever they see the time or talk of the clock. It is the best Diwali gift ever.

Branded headsets

Do some of your friends are addicted and listen to music or see movies regularly? Then this might be the perfect gift for them. These braided headsets come with unique noise cancellation, Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, more bass, and many more distinct qualities.

However, some other technical aspects include a portable foldable design, a 30 mm dynamic driver, high power magnets, and a unique design. So, if you want to go modern and unique this Diwali goes for these branded headsets with optimum quality. The person you give it to will be impressed by your unique taste and choice will cherish this gift for years.

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