Examples of Garden Activities Which Kids can do Easily


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Every season be it summer, winter or monsoon brings with itself immense beauty and freshness. But if we talk about spring, it makes our soul smile! This delightful season brings us cosy sunshine, it is the ideal time to pursue adventures and still enjoy comfy evenings with hot coffee. It is the best time to decorate our garden and backyards by planting different types of flowers, painting pots and enjoying ourselves with our kids.

Children love to explore new activities and garden often becomes their target. Spring is the best time to help them learn the art of easy gardening and keep them away from gadgets. This hands-on learning encourages healthy brain development in kids and makes learning come to life.

Here are a few examples of hassle-free garden activities for kids:

Build a theme based garden:

Since children love to hear stories about their favourite fairies or animals, we can help them build their own fairy garden. Using designer pots for plants, making mounds or hills and decorating it with colourful pebbles, a beautiful fairy garden can be built easily.

Watering plants:

It is one of the easiest garden activities which kids can do at any time of the day. They can be assigned different areas of the garden or specific designer pots for plants to water them. We just need to make sure that children don’t overwater the plants otherwise the roots can be drowned.

Plucking dead flowers:

Most kids love flowers and would surely love to pick them once withered. These little gardeners can be assigned to pluck dead flowers and leaves by reassuring them that the flowers will grow again.

Preparing to plant:

Children are mischievous and always enjoy playing with mud and water. We can take advantage of it and allow them to dig the mud and break chunks of soil to prepare it for plantation.

Planting and Growing:

Apart from planting in gardens, there are a lot of easy-to-grow indoor plants that kids can take care of. Help them plant some and look after the shrubs from seed to flower. One can take help from unique indoor planters to help set up some beautiful indoor plants at home. Children can be assigned one plant as their sole responsibility to encourage them into gardening.

Painting stones:

Kids like to play with colours. It’s the best activity to keep them engaged throughout the day. Normal kiddie paints will work just fine for this activity. Small stones of different shapes and sizes can be given to children so that they can paint them and use them to decorate the garden or backyard.

Bird food garland:

To enrich the garden with beautiful species of birds and butterflies, let the kids create a food garland to feed them. It can be made very easily using waste boxes, sticks, cotton and decorating it with leaves and flowers. We can hang food along a string of appropriate length, or even yarn and then keep it in the garden for birds to enjoy.

Leaf art:

Let the kids bond with nature by using art created from leaves. Pick a mixture of leaves having different sizes, shapes, and colours. But make sure to monitor the kids so that they don’t touch harmful plants or trees. Help them add their favourite poster colour paints to a plate and teach them to dip the leaves one by one onto a cutting of white chart paper. We can also add some glitter to the impression just to make it livelier.

Nature Sketching:

Sketching helps the child to develop creative skills and improve their visualization capabilities. Amidst nature let the children sketch anything which inspires them to be it a flower, a feather or a bird.

Picking fruits and vegetables:

After involving the children in all the different tasks of gardening, the best thing you can do is help them pick and eat the fruits and vegetables they’ve helped to grow.

Gardening with kids is wonderfully rewarding and educational! Planting, watering, painting pots and pebbles, making birdhouses etc are some of the best activities kids can do in the garden. Children enjoy a lot of recreational activities in the garden as it enables them to enjoy nature. Garden activities can make great memories both for parents and their children. Gardening activities are both creative and educational that helps the kids learn about planting flowers, bushes, veggies and healthy living. These things keep them hooked and kids enjoy them completely. Spring is the best season to explore such things and help your child learn gardening techniques while enjoying some fresh air. Nowadays many planters and garden decorators help to build the garden of your choice. One such company is FRP planters, we can easily look up to them for all the garden needs.

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