Everything That You Might Need to Know About Seagrass Carpets


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As the name implies, seagrass is a water-based plant, which flourishes the best in the natural marshy ocean floor-beds. Also, since their demand has increased, these are being cultivated in the salinated and standing waterways. Being naturally available in abundance, the fabric is being extensively used in the manufacturing of seagrass carpet and other floor coverings.

Also, those of you who are specifically looking for biodegradable and yet stylish furnishing options to adorn your living spaces, seagrass rugs is the ultimate solution to your requirement.

Here are the important things that you must know before purchasing a seagrass floor covering.

  • Highly Alluring: Seagrass is available in stunning earthy hues that can beautifully coordinate with your contemporary home styling or office layouts. It is a perfect carpeting choice for your lobby, staircase and even small study thus imparting the perfect rustic vibe to the whole environment.

Seagrass fibre is also a bit soft under feet as compared to other natural fibre options like jute, sisal etc.; it makes the seagrass mainstream with families whose members don’t appreciate hard floor coverings.

  • Easy to clean: Furthermore, the hard strands of seagrass make it difficult for soil and other dust particles to stick to the mat or floor covering, this makes the cleaning process super easy. Although a seagrass carpet is water-resistant to a great extent, (owing to the natural water protection coating)yet, it is still a natural fibre material that can disintegrate if dampness seeps in too far and not taken care of in time.
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Otherwise too, all sorts of spills and stains should ideally be treated as quickly as possible to   prevent staining and irreversible damage to your favourite rugs and carpets.

For instance, if you spilled wine on your seagrass rug, club soda can quickly take off the dampness and prevent staining. In the case of lighter stains, you could use a mild detergent and damp cloth to completely lift it off.

Vacuuming couple of times a week should take care of most of your cleaning requirement. For a more professional cleaning though, you could send your favourite  seagrass carpet for dry cleaning. As a word of caution, do not use water or shampoo for cleaning as it can damage the seagrass fibre.

  • Antibacterial: Do you know that seagrass floor coverings do not catch allergens easily and are a kind of antibacterial in nature? The structure of the constituent fibre is as such that it doesn’t catch any grime, dust, soil, pet fur, pollens etc easily. Since the allergens do not get stuck, the micro-organisms and other bacteria don’t get the conducive environment to breed and flourish.
  • Budget-friendly: Seagrass is available in abundance and is easy to plant and process- This makes it highly cost-efficient amongst the range of other naturally produced fibres- All this and more make a seagrass carpet easy to own.
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Seagrass rugs and carpets are easy to maintain and are available in a variety of styles to choose from. Visit Floorspace store now or explore online to find your best flooring option.

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