12 Essential Lifestyle Health Tips for Seniors


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Every home has senior citizens. They need more care as compared to younger people as their body gets more sensitive. Simple flu can lead to severe problems. After 60 years of age, you need to alter your routine and diet to live a healthy life. 

My grandfather is over 70, and he is still fit enough to exercise early morning every day. I consider him my ideal. He told me the tips and routines that have helped him maintain his health. This article enlists the tips that can help you in maintaining the good health of your elders. 

Eat Well and Healthy

Your digestive system gets weak as you get older, and your metabolism slows. It does not mean that you should eat less; instead, we advise you to eat healthy food that contains essential vitamins. It will help you maintain your health and save you from deadly diseases. 

Combining physical activity with the intake of nutritious foods will help you stay safe from illnesses like high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, etc. 

Focus On Prevention

Let us talk about prevention. It includes prevention from an unhealthy diet, stressful exercises, incomplete sleep, abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes, gas appliances, loneliness etc.

Moreover, we recommend an annual inspection of your home by a gas safety engineer in order to get a gas safety certification for your home. It will save you and your loved ones from gas-related accidents. 

Stay Active

You cannot do the same exercise you did while you were younger but 20-30 minutes of regular exercise can help you stay fit. It will help you reduce stress, maintain weight, sleep better, and feel better.

If you cannot exercise regularly, take part in household activities. The purpose is to keep moving and to keep your muscles warmed up. 


As you know and you may have seen that elder people complain about loneliness. Other house members become busy with their daily routines, leaving out little or no time for elders. This cut off from social interaction can lead to illnesses. It is something that should not be happening in society. 

We advise you to make friends. Many people will be in your nearby area of the same age. Talk to them. It does not have to be a big group, just 2 or 3 people with whom you can talk your heart out. 

Release Your Stress

Stress is hazardous for the human body and more dangerous when you are aged. It increases your body’s cortisol level, damaging your immune system.

If you are suffering from anxiety, release it as soon as possible, or it will make you weak emotionally and physically. Talk to someone, perform yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises to reduce stress. These exercises will help you a lot in achieving the stress relief objective.

Avoid Falls

As you get older, your body becomes weak and more exposed to injuries. Now, it is up to you to save yourself from injury. The first and foremost work in this regard is to remove carpets and throw rugs.

Moreover, keep the lights of the hallway on 24/7. Make sure that there are no wires or slippery material in your way. Don’t walk barefoot; there are more chances of slipping, so wear good grip and quality shoes. 

Complete Your Sleep Cycle

The human body needs proper sleep to perform in a better way. Incomplete sleep or sleep disruptions can result in illnesses like insomnia. Once you get old, the need for sleep gets doubled as your body gets weak.

You may have heard the saying, ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ Follow the saying, sleep early, and wake up early to save yourself from any stress and complete your sleep cycle. Also, make sure that your room has a perfect atmosphere for sleeping. 

Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health no matter whether you are young or aged. The ratio of smokers is increasing with every passing day. We advise you to quit smoking when you are in your 60s.

Smoking causes cancer and heart attacks. It weakens up your body and exponentially damages your body due to your old age. 

Join Fitness Center for Elder People

Technology has made so much advancement that now everyone can achieve everything online, whether children, young, or old. Still, if you are old and cannot search for health tips online, there is no need to worry about it. 

There are many fitness centers, with some being dedicated only to elder people. The advantages of joining a wellness center include:- 

  • A chance to socialize with other people of your age. 
  • Coaches will provide you with education; you can learn new skills.
  • An atmosphere where you can perform outdoor activities. 
  • Indoor activities to help you stay focused and mentally healthy. 

Drink Excess Water

When you get old, your thirst and appetite become less. You know the importance of water intake as it helps you stay hydrated. So, even if you are not thirsty, make sure you drink an adequate amount of water every day. 

Make it a habit of drinking one glass of water before going to sleep and one right after you wake up. Experts consider this habit the key to staying active. Moreover, drinking water can keep you safe from many problems. 

Ensure Regular Checkups

You are more exposed to illnesses when your age crosses 60 years old. Your immune system deteriorates causing diseases and illnesses to easily break in. Make sure that you visit your family doctor regularly so that if you are suffering from any disease, it can be diagnosed in the early stage. 

Moreover, your vision, teeth, and gums will become weak with age and need extra care. Please make sure you consult your doctor and follow his instructions carefully. Extra care will prolong the life of your teeth and your vision. 

Wash Hands

Almost every disease originates from the hands; when you touch your face and your body with your hands, you spread bacteria. Bacteria affects older people more as their bodies have weaker immune systems. 

Make it a routine to wash your hands regularly with good quality soap. Keep rubbing your hands for 20 seconds after applying soap; it ensures proper bacteria removal. You can also choose to buy a sanitizer for regular hand sanitizing. 

Takeaway – 12 Essential Lifestyle Health Tips for Seniors

Who says elders can’t enjoy good health? By incorporating the health tips mentioned above, you can help your seniors in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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