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Rudraksha is a seed generally utilized as a prayer bead in Hinduism (particularly Shaivism). Rudraksha are secured by a blue external shell when completely developed, consequently likewise being called blueberry beads. The seeds are made by a few sorts of significant broad-leaved tree in the family Elaeocarpusb being the central species. They are connected with the Hindu god Shiva and are normally put around the neck for safety and for reciting the Om NamahaShivaya mantra by devotees. These seeds are fundamentally used in Nepal and India as beads for malas and normal beads and are esteemed similarly to semi-valuable stones. Different implications and potencies are ascribed to beads with various quantities of sections (faces/mukh) and unique or rare beads are exceedingly prized and valuable. Let’s know more about its significance, types, and Mukhis before getting to the EkMukhiRudraksha Price.

Significance of Rudraksha

The phrase Rudraksha is utilized both for berries and in reference to the kind of mala produced using them. There has been a long lore of wearing Rudraksha beads in India, especially inside Shaivism, because of their relationship with Shiva. Ruler Shiva himself wears Rudraksha garlands. The mantra Om NamahShivaya is rehashed (Japa) utilizing the Rudraksha beads. Rudraksha have been utilized by Hindus from the tenth century to bless the body, soul, and mind and for meditation purposes.

What is Mukhi and how many Mukhis are there?

The face of the Rudraksha is the thing that characterizes the Mukhi of the Rudraksha. The number of face made by apportioning line, or the groves on Rudraksha makes it one Mukhi, two Mukhi, three Mukhi and so on. The Rudraksha with just a single grove makes it one Mukhi Rudraksha, if it has two grooves running from top to bottom, it is a two Mukhi Rudraksha. The Rudraksha is basically used by the devotees of Lord Shiva however there is no confinement for other sects to pray with the beads of this magical religious seed regardless of which god they follow. Lord Shiva can be sent prayers through the help of any number of Mukhis however explicit Mukhis are dispensed for different gods in the Hindu pantheon. The quantity of Mukhis related to different gods is listed underneath:

  • 1 Mukhi – Shiva
  • 2 Mukhi – Ardhnareeshwara
  • 3 Mukhi – Agni
  • 4 Mukhi – Brahma
  • 5 Mukhi – KalagniRudra
  • 6 Mukhi – Kartikeya
  • 7 Mukhi – Mahalakshmi
  • 8 Mukhi – Ganesha
  • 9 Mukhi – Durga
  • 10 Mukhi – Vishnu
  • 11 Mukhi – Hanuman
  • 12 Mukhi – Surya
  • 13 Mukhi – Indra
  • 14 Mukhi – Hanuman
  • 15 Mukhi – Lord Pashupati
  • 16 Mukhi – Lord Rama
  • 17 Mukhi – Vishvakarma
  • 18 Mukhi – Mother Earth
  • 19 Mukhi – Lord Narayana
  • 20 Mukhi –Narayana and Vishwasu Sadhu
  • 21 Mukhi – EkAlakhNiranjan

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is the most divine, incredible, and propitious endowment of nature to humanity. Being the rarest among all the Mukhis, it is considered as the king of all the Rudraksha Beads. This spiritualist bead is Sakshat Shiv Swaroopa and favors the individual wearing it abundantly. It is said that the individual who wears it accomplishes Moksha, elevates in awareness and converges with the supreme cognizance of the divine. The original Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is extremely rare and is just found in Nepal and those found available are ordinarily from Indonesia or Java. This has brought about an extensive number of Rudraksha like cycle one Mukhis and other being faked in an enormous number of sums and frequently sold in at a more expensive rate.


 The moon molded one Mukhi is normal of the one Mukhi Rudraksha and not as rare as the one round Mukhi yet they are sold at a stunningly high price. Just the EkMukhiRudraksha price is high and one ought to never pay higher for other normally occurring Rudraksha than it. Whatever else one finds for a very high price is frequently phony and one ought to ignore them.

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