5 Secrets To Effective Sales Funnel Popups


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The pop-ups in the sales funnel have a great potency to compel action. Whenever you are going for a hard sell, they come off strongly to your visitors. But you must not take them lightly as they may also come off as spammy. They do not give benefits if you do not stop them and analyze them clearly and carefully.

There are many types of popups having different uses. Some of the most used popup types are exit-intent popup, content-based popup, scroll-based popup, and time-based popup. They provide you with many benefits such as the commands attention and are great for lead generation. Moreover, they are also great for savings your sale.

In this article, we’ll provide you 5 secrets to effective sales funnel popups. These 5 secrets are as follow:

  1. A Compelling copy:

Popup is nothing without a compelling copy. They will not do anything if you don’t tell your visitor that for what they want to take action. So the conversion driven copies are great for the pop-ups as they would do great in leveraging them.

You can easily create your compelling copies by using the sales copies which are generated by funnels script which is a great tool for that. With this, you can also develop your copywriting skills. You must add or scarcity and a sense of urgency to your pop-up copy because it will give the customer an impression that there isn’t much time before the stocks run out or the offer ends. Must also note that the numbers also act as a pretty persuasive in creating a popup.

  1. Clarity and relevancy:
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This is another secret of the effective sales funnels pop-ups. Good popups do not contain too much information. If your popup is connected with so much information, then it will only confuse your visitors which may and in detecting them from converting instead. This fails the purpose of your pop-ups. so in this regard, the clarity and the relevance of the information is very important. You must be clear with your offer and you must make sure that information which is stated inside the popup is relevant to the pop-up headline. It must also be clear so that it may create ease for the visitors.

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  1. Test your pop-ups:

This thing does not require saying. You must do it without saying especially if you want to test out the button formats and the different layouts etc. This affects the effectiveness of your popup. If you are having the specification of more than one popup in your mind, then you can test them out and can use one of them with the ideal performance. This is the key thing.

You must also remember that If you are having more than one variant of the popup in your particular funnel step then you can test them with the click funnels. Some of the important elements which you can test your pop-ups are:

  • Imagery
  • Headline
  • Body copy
  • CTA copy
  • Call-to-Action button design
  1. Social proof
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This is one of the most effective element even it is the most overused element. This element is still very active because it engages your visitors. It compels and persuades your visitors to take whatever action your popup is telling them to do.

This element in sure the visitors that you are having a proof. Moreover, they also ensure your visitors that you are serious about your offer. Some of the social proofs are feedbacks, social shares, and testimonials.

  1. Design

This is also one of the most important elements that can break or make your popup. it includes branding graphics, fonts, logo, button design, the image of your product, or your service. There are some of the things which you must consider. 

I hope that you know all the secret elements to make a good pop up. So Now is the time to plan and map out your winning pop up.


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