Effective Advice on Finding a Top-Quality Massage School


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For students looking to improve their future with a career change, finding the right school is an important step. Here are some key tips for finding the perfect massage school in the massage therapy capital of the United States, California.

Ask for Accreditation Upfront

Because of the nature of massage therapy as an art, it can be difficult to find a massage school that is fully-accredited. This is of critical importance, though, since accreditation is not only key to your education being high-quality but also vital to you being taken seriously as a professional, after you graduate. Most schools that meet this qualification will boast this information upfront, but if your school doesn’t, simply ask. Should the representative you’re speaking with hesitate to share that accreditation with you, you’re looking in the wrong direction!

Make Your Focus Their Primary Focus

Many colleges and universities in California offer massage programs, but that doesn’t mean that each one is a designated and dedicated massage school. Some of these schools may be a “Jack of all trades and master of none”! One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting a quality education is to choose a school with a program that focuses on your area of study. If you want to take massage courses – and get the best instruction possible – choose a massage school in California that focuses primarily on massage therapy.

Diversify Your Modalities

While choosing a program that focuses primarily on massage therapy and other alternative medicine, it’s also important to find massage instruction that offers multiple modalities. Modalities are essentially the “types” of massage that are employed in both therapeutic and cosmetic applications. These modalities vary in effectiveness for specific uses, in popularity among consumers and more. Be sure to choose a massage school in California that offers a wide selection of modalities to specialize in and also offers instruction in more than just your chosen modality!

Ask About Affordability and Accessibility

Some massage schools accept financial aid, offer payment plans or even offer reduced-cost tuition for students under certain circumstances. Check to see if your prospective massage school does this, or if you will need to take out loans or seek other financial assistance to afford your education.

Just as being able to pay for your education is important, so is being able to attend classes. Find out what kind of accommodations your college or university makes for students who have special needs, students who have busy schedules, or students who have conflicting obligations such as family or work commitments. Whatever your needs, you are sure to find a California school that meets them – and can help you achieve the education you’re hoping for!

Summary – If you’re thinking of taking courses in massage therapy, you’ll need to find the right school. Here’s everything you need to know before you start your search!

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