E-commerce Sector: Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing


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There is no prize to guess that online shopping is one of the most vigorously rising trends in the market. At present, more than half of the entire world population prefers to shop online, a graph that is supposed to grow further.

As the customers’ inclination towards online shopping increases, more and more e-commerce business owners are buying Ads to roll the traffic to their websites. Well, to some extent, Ads do work and traffic does come in. However, pulling in the traffic is not the same as converting the traffic into customers.

To do so, e-commerce business owners have to stretch their legs more than often, i.e. they need to develop trust, cement customer loyalty, and shoot up the returns. And all of this can be accomplished through splendid e-commerce customer support.

E-commerce business and customer service

The overall purpose of business is to make a profit and to do so, it is important that your customers do trust you. Especially if you are running an e-commerce business, without inspiring your target audience you cannot even imagine accomplishing anything.

People are not going to purchase from an e-commerce store until they are sure that:

  • The business will meet their expectations at the decided price
  • The vendor will actually deliver the product within the promised time-frame
  • The quality of the delivered product will be of the highest standard
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It is completely your responsibility to make your target audience believe that their money is worth for the experience and value you offer through impeccable service.

Why is Call Center Outsourcing essential for your growth

How customer service outsourcing fits in?

Developing and managing a customer service team may seem like a simple task but it is as complex as a matrix. Merely hiring proficient agents doesn’t free you from your task of customer support. To offer an unforgettable experience to the customers, your team has to be equipped with flawless and advanced technology that could implement the needed service bar without any friction. This means a load of investment from your end in terms of money and time.

Startups and small firms could not afford to do so. Hence, outsourcing the customer support function is the only viable alternative left for the e-commerce company owners. By delegating the customer service department, e-commerce business owners save a remarkable amount of money without compromising on the delivered service standards.

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How BPOs assist E-commerce businesses?

E-commerce businesses across the world are partnering up with proficient BPOs that could provide them with omnichannel and around-the-clock assistance. These service vendors are known for their extensive industry experience and vast domain prowess that make them perfect for the e-commerce companies globally.

Here are three main ways through which BPO firms actually help the e-commerce companies:

Live Chat

E-commerce business is all about web-experience of shoppers. This means that the more assistance and care users get during their visit to the online store, higher becomes the probability of converting them into loyal customers. The burst of digitalization has spread the branches of customer support to the web. This has opened up several new possibilities for the businesses to tap their customers. One such opportunity is live chat. Live chat has the ability to instantly resolve customers’ queries when they are exploring the online store making them more confident about the purchase. A prodigious live chat experience puts your e-commerce brand as customers’ top choice, resulting in better returns.

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Support before purchase

You read that right! Customers, today, want a business that they could trust. Organizations, especially the e-commerce firms are allocating proficient pre-sales team that could offer clearance to the doubts of customers prior to the purchase. BPO firms across India, Malaysia, Philippines, etc have been competently offering ace-level pre-sales experience to the customers. A confident and clear customer means higher possibility of you scoring a sales.

All time available

One thing that differs a successful brand from all others is being at the right time and right place. This is the game-changing factor. When your customers require your assistance if you aren’t available for them then, the entire purpose of business fails terribly. E-commerce stores are on the web 24*7, which means at any time your customer or prospect might feel the need for assistance. To remain ahead of the rivalries, e-commerce companies are thus rendering a 24*7*365 support to the customers, leaving no stone unturned.

Final Words

Customer service outsourcing hence is playing a vital role in the exponential rise of the e-commerce sector. Feel free to reach us in the comment section for further clarity. Thanks!

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