E-commerce and Food Delivery Jobs Growing During Recession


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The technological wave has been making revolutionary changes across every sector of the economy around the world.

The pandemic and the growth of technology both are the ultimate boosting agents and can be considered the main reason behind the growth of E-commerce and Food delivery jobs.

The jobs often suffer from all the low wages and restricted access to all the legal rights and advantages, such a report was revealed by the UC Berkeley Labor Center and Working Partnerships USA.

While many industries across all the economic sectors have been struggling to survive in the competitive market whereas food ordering and delivery business has shown the opposite results as job opportunities in the food industry kept on increasing and gained skyrocketing results.

The overall food industry has shown an expansion in a significant manner in the past few years.

The jobs which will get harmed are accountants, customer care services, and where automation replaces humans.

Technology is likely to provide new job opportunities and along with that many other occupations in the industry will observe the growth at a rapid pace.

Customers with such online facilities and ease of ordering are now even paying for the tasks which can be done by themselves for free and this creates a new horizon of employment such as doing things, fulfilling orders, and preparing orders and food in the grocery stores and providing curb-side, pick-up, delivering groceries and prepared foods which boosts the creation of technologies that can make online orders possible.

The main reason behind the success of E-commerce and online food delivery is that the customers have made a drastic shift to online shopping for food in order to restrain themselves from getting caught in the novel coronavirus.

Online food orders in the USA have seen a rapid increase from 2% of grocery sales before the spread of the deadly virus; it was predicted 10% by the end of the year.
According to the recent survey, 45% of all households- 55.5 million ordered groceries online for delivery and even pickup throughout the preceding month.

Food Delivery Services Overtake Ride Sharing

Companies in this sector took note of this change and they have moved the offer more quickly and the expansion of food delivery services.

Uber has been showing their reports that the food delivery now makes up for the larger portion of the business other than providing ride-hailing services just like cabs it started its own platform for catering to the growing need for On-demand food and services as Uber acquired the most famous food delivery start-up Postmates for $2.65 billion.

Lyft made an announcement after analyzing the food delivery market and looking at the revenue generated by the UberEats that it will start providing the same services of online food ordering and delivering.

Takeout delivery companies DoorDash, which was earlier valued at $16 billion that got filed to go public this year after beating the expected earnings.

The growth and expansion in the food delivery industry have opened up a new and crucial source of income for all the workers during the time when the unemployment ratio kept increasing and many of the jobs provided a little bit of stability, compensation, and even the basic rights of protection of the jobs against any further recession.

Food delivery workers and app-based shoppers are often hired as independent contractors which ultimately means that they are denied access to the basic legal rights and protections of employees, and the right to get the minimum wage and protection against any discrimination and harassment and the ability to form a union is another important aspect which is highly expected by the employees from any organization in which they start working irrespective of the job profiles.

All the traditional grocery employees are paid above the minimum wages and they get their salary as $15 per hour on average in the United States and have been receiving higher rates of unionization at 15% when compared to the retail workers at large.

The conditions will get threatened by the rapid growth of low-quality, independent contractor jobs in the E-commerce, and food delivery business.

The pandemic has been laying a huge emphasis on how essential grocery and food delivery workers are as they kept on serving the customers irrespective of the worst time for humankind and amidst the fear of getting caught with the deadly virus.

Proposition 22 Passage

The passage of Proposition 22 in California aggravated the challenges. Prop 22 avoids existing California legislation which keeps on expanding access to the employment rights and ensuring the continued and thorough use of the independent contractors by app-based companies and ride-hailing companies.

The companies keep on spending over $200 million to secure the victory in the campaigns and gradually making a shift which got announced with an intent to further expand the policy to all the other states.

The rapid increase and boost in the food delivery and E-commerce jobs make it even more crucial that the people in this sector enjoy their salary and get a decent pay along with critical advantages such as healthcare and unemployment, freedom to make and join unions which work for the betterment of people with the same roles.

The passage of Proposition 22 is the blower to all these workers, cement in the law which is a permanent underclass of most of the black and brown people who are even deprived of the basic human rights which everyone expects at work.

We need to ensure that the damaging approach does not spread to all other states and even it keeps fighting to raise up the quality of the jobs.

The report is part of the wider multiple industry research project which is led by the UC Berkeley Labor Centre along with the working partnerships in the USA and which also examines the whack of new technologies which are on work.

The Last Sentence 

All the technological advancements are likely to speed up the growth and generate a new era of employment especially in the food ordering and delivery sector.

The growth of this industry is still appealing even in the midst of a pandemic, the millennials and other individuals are of the opinion that ease and convenience received from the online food ordering and delivery services are something which is of high importance. 

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