Double monk straps shoes for women are going to double your looks


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It’s time to develop a more classic style with a modern edge. We’re in the middle of an astonishing footwear rennaisance, and that means it’s time to make sure you’re grounding your style in some more classic.

The double monkstrap shoe is based on a style that’s existed for centuries, but it’s only in the last few years that the style has opened up into the women’s footwear space.

And the timing couldn’t be better, because double monk strap shoes for women are going to absolutely rock your style and double the looks you can pull off.

First of all, since double monkstrap shoes are a little more conservative in form, you can use them to chameleon into a more reserved office outfit. But if you’re going out and going loud in the same day, they can instantly become the stunner feature in a bright, bold outfit.

There is also nothing more badass than walking down a hall wearing monkstrap shoes, hearing the authoritative click and clack of your heels as they connect with the tile. This is a huge boost to your confidence as well as to your profile. Everyone is going to hear you coming and there is no better way to speak your truth than loudly proclaiming your arrival.

Don’t hesitate to get a pair of double monkstraps made of brighter more loud materials. A gold or striped presentation can work great since monkstraps are such a conservative form to build off of. Moreover, monkstraps have the ability to add a little more versatility into your wardrobe. The comfort from their classic form means you can keep wearing them all day with no trouble. Just make sure you get comfortable with then before you go into the long haul!

That’s another great thing about monkstraps–since you’re dealing with clasps instead of laces, your shoes will stay looking classic way longer and have way less wear and tear. But that’s only going to work if you get a pair made out of strong, durable materials.

The straps also mean you get to play with wilder materials. Don’t stick to plain ol leather or fabric, try some mirrored textile or a strong burgundy stain. Color pops well on these old-school forms y’all!

Get a pair of monkstraps with really bold clasps–that contrast really works with the classic form.

Either way, that’s a quick look into how monkstrap shoes for women are going to blow up your wardrobe this fall. Don’t miss out on this great trend!


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