Does car insurance cover paint damage to the car?


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An attractive exterior car makes your car look new. Although car paints are durable, your car may face accidents or experience vandalism. Even if you have bought car insurance, you should know whether it covers the paint damage caused in these cases. Getting the vehicle repainted is not that cheap. In case you go for comprehensive car insurance, it may cover the paint damage. However, it should be related to an accident, and not normal wear and tear. For instance, your car has faced an accident and need to be repainted. It is natural to the car to the insurance company to get the costs covered.

When will the car insurance cover paint?

 When you buy a car policy, in most of the cases, the comprehensive packages cover the car paint replacement. However, it should be noted that the insurance company will provide the coverage only after considering how you get the paint damaged. This policy differs from one company to the other. In some cases, the damages caused by collisions and accidents are covered, while other companies require the damage to be caused by incidents other than accidents to get the cost covered. This indicates, that you can get the cost covered if the car paint is damaged due to incidents like vandalism. However, when you buy the right car insurance online, it is likely to cover the damage caused by accidents.

In what situation may the insurance not cover paint?

In case you are involved in an accident, the insurance will probably cover the repairs. It is advisable to learn about all the relevant clauses from the insurer before you buy the policy. However, even if the policy covers paint coverage, you should remember the deductible. Some policyholders pay a certain amount of the deductible prior to the time that the insurance kicks in. In case the vehicle has suffered a minor accident and the repair costs are under the cost of the deductible, the company may not cover the repair costs. This indicates, that in case of minor paint damages, the insurance may not provide the coverage.

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When you buy car insurance, you should compare the best schemes and make the purchase. This ensures that you can get the coverage, regardless of how the car gets damaged. However, remember that paint coverage is generally not provided in case the car undergoes normal wear and tear. This is something that the car owner needs to bear. As a car owner, you would expect that the insurance policy provides coverage for all sorts of incidents. You can check out the policies online that the reputed companies have designed.

Things to remember when you buy a car insurance

  • The policy does not cover peeling, rust or wear and tear
  • The repair bills should be paid by the third-party carrier if you are not in fault in an accident
  • In case you at fault during an accident, the car insurance company will pay for the exterior paint, provided that the total cost is less than the value of the car in a fair market
  • In case the paint gets ruined due to vandalism, the insurer will cover the paint job only if it comes under the comprehensive policy
  • When you file a claim for exterior paint coverage due to the collision, check out the deductible, as damages caused in these cases are subject to a deductible 
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How long does the paint job of a car last?

Traditionally, it is considered that a factory paint lasts for a long time. However, many manufacturers compromise with the quality of paint, that causes peeling and fading. Besides, when the mileage of the car increases, it develops scrapes and minor dings. The more the vehicle is cleaned, the paint is more likely to fade off. However, when you buy insurance, you should remember that this normal wear and tear is not covered. The car policy will cover damages that are caused only by certain incidents. Depending on the quality of the paint, the overall cost varies.

What to do if the paint is damaged due to an accident?

In case your vehicle collides with another car, chances are high that the paint will be damaged. Your car might suffer chips. Scratches and peeling, as an impact of the accident. When you have the right insurance coverage, you can obtain these costs from the insurer. However, if the driver of the other vehicle is at fault, you may not have to approach your insurer. In these cases, the cost is covered by the other party. However, if you are at fault, and the driver is uninsured, the motorist property damage needs to be paid by you. When you file a claim for collision, you need to pay a deductible.

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 Paint damage coverage apart from non-collision disasters

Well, when you buy car insurance online, you simply do not remain protected against the costs arising due to the damaged caused by other drivers. Even if you are at home and the vehicle is parked outdoors, it might suffer damage. It is recommended to buy a comprehensive policy, which will provide you with the necessary coverage. Eventually, you can get the coverage for car paint, that is caused by theft, fire, vandalism, flood, explosions, and contact with animals. In case any of these perils cause the damage, you can file a claim to get the costs covered.

 You should know how much the repair costs might amount to before you buy a policy. You can have a look at the value of the car and compare it to the cost that you may have to pay. Eventually, you can come to a fruitful decision. When you buy a car insurance online, you can have a look at the policies that the reputed companies have come up with. On comparing these schemes, you can decide the policy that suits you well.

It is wise to buy a policy that covers all the possible damages that your car might suffer. In the process, you remain secure against all these dangers.

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