Do You Really Need Local Searches?


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As part of the conveyancing process, searches are carried out for buyers who are interested in purchasing a property. A conveyancer will undertake these on the client’s behalf, but as they have fees attached, some choose to skip them. Is this wise? Do you really need to have these searches carried out?

Local Authority Search

This is one of the searches and it can prove very useful. Just as with buying a car, you’d want to know if it had been involved in any collisions. The same applies to property – it would be important to know if there were any plans to build anything around the property or at the end of your garden!

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It is probably not a good idea to skip this search if you don’t want any nasty surprises after you’ve moved in! The results of a local authority search could change a person’s mind about a property or allow a prospective buyer to ask for a reduction in the asking price. If a mortgage is required, the bank or building society will insist on having this search completed.

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Other factors that will be included in this search are issues surrounding water and drainage, repair liability and environmental matters.

The information supplied in a local authority search includes details of the use of the property in question, as well as responsibilities surrounding footpaths and nearby highways, for example. The cost falls to the buyer and varies depending on the local authority but is normally around one hundred pounds.

The time for results to come through also varies depending on the local authority but are expected to take between one to several weeks. For help finding Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham, contact a company like Sam Conveyancing, who will contact Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham on your behalf.

What will I find out?

Results include information on whether footpaths or roads next to the property are publicly or privately maintained.

The results will also reveal if there are any plans for roads near the property that could impact the property’s value.

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The results will provide details of any planning decisions about the property. For example, if a house had a large new conservatory or extension, the buyer would want to know that appropriate planning permission had been granted. Any violations of planning permission or enforcement notices will also be revealed.

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A local authority search will show if a property is located in a conservation area or was built on contaminated land.

A search of this kind does not include a physical search of the property and any planning applications submitted after the search date will obviously not show up.

A local search is a must-have for those interested in buying a property so that they can get a clearer picture of any potential issues affecting the property and its market value.

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