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You may know that any variance from the requirements of the code will result in an error prompt leaving you wondering what could have possibly gone wrong. However, there are a few specific ways in which you can get some extra credit. If you follow these steps suggested by experts, then it will not prompt an error message.

When you get some extra credit from your coupons, you will outshine the fellow deal hunters. As per the experts, it is one thing to find coupon codes on your own and entirely different to find coupons and discount offers made by a variety of online stores after weighing the pros and cons of these to ensure that you get the ultimate best price.

You will need to do the math so that you can decide where you can buy these coupons. Once you succeed in locating these coupon codes for a few stores, you will see that there is a large variety of different types of codes offered by the online stores such as:

  • A certain percentage off on a specific purchase value
  • A fixed dollar amount off on a specific item
  • Free shipping over and above a specific amount of order or even
  • Shopclues cashback offer.
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All these forms will have different requirements and even a minimum purchase value. Moreover, there are several stores that permit only one coupon code to use for each order. That is why you will need to figure out a coupon code that will be ideal for your specific purchase.

Math on the shipping charges

Whether or not you will be charged for shipping is probably one of the biggest considerations. If you need to pay a hefty shipping charge, it will automatically downgrade the deal which could have been an exceptional one otherwise. For example, if you find a store that is offering coupon codes to allow a 25% off on your order value with no minimum, then you might think it is perfect for you to order something for $30. However, if a shipping charge of say about $9.95 is tacked on to it, then it might not be that worthy.

What is the best way to deal with when you do not get free shipping? Well, the most feasible way is to figure out how much this shipping charge will cost you when compared with the discounts some other available code will provide. See which is greater and then decide.

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Considering the example mentioned above, a flat 25% off coupon code will save you $7.50 on your $30 purchase. On the other hand, if the store offered a coupon code for free shipping on purchase worth $25, then you will save even more at $9.95. It is simple math and therefore offers like Jabong coupons code for today that offer both free shipping and a discount are always better.

Spending more leads to more savings

If for you the shipping charge is not a factor then you can choose coupons codes that offer the highest discounts that will reduce your specific order value by the maximum.

Generally speaking, if you consider availing fixed discounts, then any small order value is more productive. A fixed discount amount of such as $5 on $25 purchase will mean that your percentage discount received is 10%. Usually, discount percentage amount on any small order is the minimum this is a better approach.

As the size of your order gets larger, you are more likely to get a higher percentage discount that will enable you to get the best return. Therefore, spending more will have its usual advantages and you will gain even more if there are multiple coupons available. In such cases, increasing your order value meet with the minimum requirement is a feasible approach to get a larger discount.

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Meeting the different requirements

Every promo code whether it is Jabong or Flipkart coupons code today will have specific requirements. You will need to meet these particular requirements such as:

  • The spending tiers
  • Free shipping minimums
  • Stacking up the savings.

As your purchase size grows, you become eligible for a larger discount. You will get more value of your product and purchase by spending a moderately small amount as extra.

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