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Christmas is just around the corner. You must be looking for the best gift for your loved ones this Christmas from TrueGether which is claimed to be the best place besides eBay. So why not give a personal touch to the gifts this festive season? Shun the same old, store-bought gifts this year and opt for homemade gifts. The advantage of DIY Christmas gifts is that the gifts are customized to suit the taste of the recipient. Let us check out some DIY ideas for this Christmas, which will make each gift special.

Air Plant Pots

This is a beautiful Christmas gift. The air plant pots are air plants which are tucked in wooden pots. These plants add greenery to the office cubicles, window panes, and living rooms. Air plants require less upkeep and so this is a great DIY idea for Christmas. These plants have a year-long life and so your loved ones will remember you every time they see these plants.


Make your own vases to surprise your special one this Christmas. Flower vases can be great hostess gifts. The best way to make a vase is to place a small pillar vessel within a large glass container. Place some colorful marbles within the gap; your vase is ready! Decorate the vase with the favorite flowers of the gift recipient (it is advisable that the color of the flowers should contrast with that of the vase) and gift.


These can be an affordable Christmas gift this year. When you have a large group of friends joining you this Christmas, bake a batch of gourmet marshmallows. There are special glassine bags available in the online stores. Pack and gift; this gift will surely bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones, whatever may be their age. Marshmallows are loved by all.

Stovetop Potpourri

Easy to make, potpourri is an aromatic Christmas gift. Let the houses of your colleagues and neighbors smell like Christmas with the handmade potpourri. Collect the faded flowers from the garden as the fall starts. You can make different potpourri packets by using essential oils of different fragrances, different types of dry fruits and grounded spices. The online stores can provide you with a wide range of bottles to prepare and store the potpourri.

Cross Stitched Mats

If you want your Christmas gift to stay with your loved ones for years to come, then the cross- stitched mats or motifs are great gifting ideas. This is a super cute Christmas gift which can be displayed year after year. Another good part of cross- stitched mats or motifs is you can customize these as per the age and choice of the guest. For example, create cross- stitched cartoon motifs for kids. You can get the exact size mats, threads, and wool needed to make the cross- stitched mats at the online stores.

Sweater Mittens

Know sewing and knitting? Then gift a sweater mitten this Christmas. No need to step out in the cold and gather the stuff, buy colorful wool, scissors, needle, and thread online. Then just sit at home and knit the most beautiful sweater for your special ones. If you have a sewing machine at home, then the cost of making this Christmas gift lessons.

Homemade Chocolates

This is one of the traditional DIY gifts on Christmas. The homemade chocolates can be the sweetest Christmas gift. now you need not wreck the market to get the best chocolate or dry fruits. All the ingredients are now available right at your doorsteps via the online stores. If your guest is a health- conscious person, then opt for dark chocolate toffees. Make chocolate gifting easy with the chocolate pouches available online. Cellophane gift bags tied with beautiful ribbons, bag pouches with knots, translucent plastic bags are apt for gifting chocolates.

Handmade Jewelry

Buy beads, crystals, multi-colored threads, and simple chains online and then create your own costume jewelry. The online stores have a collection of vintage thimbles which cost as less as 2 dollars. Jump ring, mini pinecone, and chain necklace are some of the other pieces of jewelry which can be combined to make Christmas gifts.

Hand-Painted Home Decor

Your guest loves flowers? Buy a plain ceramic coaster and paint it with floral designs. You can also get wooden coasters online. The same idea applies to coffee mugs. Plain coasters and mugs cost less. Fabric these with the favorite quotes and paintings to create charming designs. If you want to save time then opt for contact paper, graphite paper, vinyl, and spray paint which are easily available at the online stores.

Gifts must be thoughtful. Make your loved ones feel special this Christmas with any of the afore-mentioned DIY Christmas gifts. These gifts which cost almost nothing will definitely bring smiles on the faces of the guests without breaking the bank. The major benefit is that you can make all these at home itself, it means you do not have to be excelled in whatever you experiment.

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