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The number of soundbar enthusiasts is growing but many of them found themselves disappointed with their purchases. This blog provides soundbar reviews aimed at helping enthusiasts like yourself make an informed decision. With proper basic understanding, you can avoid unwanted surprises with your next soundbar purchase.

What is a sound bar

A soundbar (or soundbar) refers to the usually horizontal long and slim bar of the speaker. In laymen terms, a soundbar is understood as a single piece speaker system that is capable of mimicking the performance of multi-speakers home theater systems. In an even simpler term, it is nothing more than a single piece speaker system that can produce surround sound-like quality. In some cases, an additional sub-woofer makes a complete soundbar set.

What is the quality of a soundbar

If you are an audiophile, the soundbar is definitely not an option for you. Costing a fraction of high fidelity home theater systems, surround soundbar systems are definitely no match when compared against high-quality home theater systems powered by multiple speakers.

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At one extreme, the set up of high-quality multi-speaker system involves calibration of the location and the angle that each speaker is to be placed. To achieve the ultimate surround home theater experience, this is a task that is left best to the professionals.

In the case of a sound bar, what you are getting is virtual surround sound. Note the term virtual used here. You do not need any complicated setup and calibration with soundbar. You can pick a brand new set from such stores as Best Buy or Target. What you need to do is unbox and plug a few cables to the power and audio output from your TV, set-top box or DVD / Blueray player.

What does it mean by virtual surround experience? It means that the soundbar will generate pre-processed audio signals. The pre-processed audio will trick your ear into thinking that the source of the audio source is not from where your soundbar is located but rather from different corners of your room. Given the surround soundbar price, you do not expect audiophile quality. However, you are already getting a much better sound quality compared to the sound that is output directly from your flat screen LED / LCD TV.

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What is a wireless soundbar

Wireless soundbar refers to a sound bar set that comes with a wireless subwoofer. This means that unlike typical multi-speaker system where the different speakers need to be connected via cables, the sub-woofer is now connected to the main soundbar unit albeit minus the cable.

Sub-woofer is the part of the system that produces a low-frequency audio signal or better known as the bass. Producing powerful and good quality bass is challenging due to the difficulty in generating low-frequency sounds and the high power required. That is why sub-woofer is usually a separate unit from the main soundbar itself.

With a wireless soundbar, you have the benefit of one less cable to manage. In addition, the sub-woofer, being wireless, offers a higher degree of flexibility in its placement within the room.

Leading soundbar brands

Based on our latest soundbar reviews, the top leading soundbar brands are Samsung, LG, Vizio, Yamaha, and Sony. Samsung and LG are the market leaders, mainly thanks to their aggressive pricing approach. Since they are both the world’s largest thin-panel TV manufacturers, this should come as no surprise because quite often, they will usually sell the TV and soundbar in one bundle. Overall, our pick for the best soundbar goes to Yamaha YAS-201. Read on to find out why.

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