Difference Between Learning and Transforming


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Learning is a gradual process that can be incurred from anything, anytime. Transformation relates to the deep and structural passage from one stage to another where we experience major changes in our feelings, actions and thought process.

You expand your horizons to wide open spaces when you experience transformation. The learning enables you to pick up the right thing.

Although in this article we are going to discuss the difference in between learning and transformation but we need to understand that the theory is not learning  vs transformation, they both can exist and occur simultaneously.

The detailed analysis on the topic is available at the blog of Mind valley academy on the following link where you will be able to understand the in-depth dilemma associated with transformation and learning.

We will discuss the brief overview that will help you to provide an overview on the subject.

Learning can be experienced when you are looking at anything new. With every new learning we attain the wisdom to be better than our own self. However, transformation relates to the changes that we inculcate in our lifestyle due to our learning. Transformation can be drastic as well as mild but they change a lot of definition of one’s personality.

The concept of learning v/s transformation can be well understood with the help of 5 point model given at the Mind Valley Academy:


  • Critical reflection:
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In this process we have to draw the meanings of the occurrences that happen around us. We are supposed to expand our own understanding pertaining to the experiences that we gain from everything. We have to mould our beliefs based on the observation that we make from the ideas and learning attained from our experiences. These beliefs help the transition to sneak in to our body that led the initiation of the journey of transformation.


  • Critical study and writing:


When we do regular reading, studying and writing, in one way we are leading ourselves to the fulfilling source of knowledge. We develop the understanding of human psychology, growth and other relative concepts.

Reading helps us in developing a broader outlook while writing gives us the time that we need to spend with ourselves. Thinking ponders upon into beneficial changes that pave the way for wonderful transformation in one’s persona.


  • Social discourse:
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The social contexts are discussed together such as disorienting dilemmas, case studies, shared learning experiences and critical theory related subjects. Transformation happens through learning and discussing the view points with others.


  • Application:


The newly attained knowledge has to be imbued with new behaviours in cognizance with actions and practices that are undertaken. People are made to learn and then to act on the basis of their new learning.


  • Altered states:


State training practices are included such as meditation which turns out to be one of the most powerful practices to adopt long lasting transformations in behaviour.

These above mentioned 5 elements help in deciding that why only learning is not enough for the wholesome transformation to take place.

The debate between learning v/s transformation will rationalise to learning being an adaptive measure of transformation itself. However it takes regular practice for the real transformation to come in practice. Therefore, the rate of learning is faster than the rate of transformation.

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