Did You Know These Things Regarding The ETIAS?


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ETIAS in Europe is going to be the automated IT system that will check details of every citizen travelling to the Schengen area. Now, if you are wondering what the ETIAS is or what even the Schengen area is, then reading further will help you. 

The Schengen area is the famous area formed by some of the member countries of the European Union. Currently comprising of 26 EU nations, the participant countries signed the Schengen Agreement, which abolished the internal borders, thus making it easier for the travellers and workers to roam freely. 

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is going to be the automated electronic system that will be on air from the first of January 2021. This will help foreign travellers to enjoy the same right once their applications get acceptance. This Blog is all about some interesting things that you should know about the ETIAS.

  • ETIAS Can Save Your Time And Bucks

Applying for the ETIAS is not just easy but will also save a lot of time, which you would otherwise spend on applying for Visa. Instead of applying for Visa for all the countries of the European Union, which you will be visiting, the ETIAS will give you the special feature.

That you can roam in the Schengen area without the need of any separate Visa like any other participant country would do, makes the ETIAS helpful. All that you need is your passport, which should be valid for a fairly long time. 

What makes this a special is that you will not need to face embassies or any consulate. That will be helpful as you can save a handful of money and time to spend it on your tour rather. 

  • ETIAS Approval Does Not Take Months

If your country is in the list of countries that are eligible to get the ETIAS, then you should not worry about the approval of your application. It generally takes no more than four or five days. However, something that you need to remember is that if you have any negative thing on your bio that might make them feel like a potential risk, then your approval will cancel.

  • ETIAS Validity Will Stay With Your Passport Validity

Well, you have three years in your hands and that is a pretty big time no matter whether you apply for ETIAS in Europe for business or travelling purpose. So, if your passport is valid for three years, you can travel to Schengen anytime and even if your passport expires, you can refuel it to continue with your approved ETIAS.

  • Important Thing Regarding ETIAS

Remember that the ETIAS is giving you the freedom to travel from one border of a country under the Schengen area to another. However, whether you will get an allowance to enter the country or not depends solely on the customs agents. On average, you can expect most countries to accept you based on your passport and ETIAS validity.

Undoubtedly, the process of ETIAS is going to be a boon to many travellers and workers.

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