Dhaba by Claridges: The Melting Pot of Tangy Flavors

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Punjab is a melting pot of different cultures and an individual can savor his taste buds with countless appetizing dishes. Irrespective of whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you’ll have a range of dishes to choose from. But unfortunately, being used to such a hectic lifestyle, even those of us, who love cooking, have to compromise and resort to eating canned items.

Punjab food exemplifies feast and there’s a range of countless items to choose from.  Noodles, momos, burger, pizzas or sandwiches are enough to satiate taste buds, bPunjabi fut undoubtedly temporarily whereas each and every Punjabi cuisine is enough in their own right. To this effect, Dhaba by Claridges has emerged as the ideal call for all to get a chance to relish delicacies within a rustic setting.

Irrespective of whether you are at your hometown or elsewhere, the moment you will step into Dhaba by Claridges, you’ll instantly feel homely and at ease. What more, you get pampered with personalized service and a choice of Punjabi food platters. The credit goes to the truck mural, rustic interiors, waiters and helpers, dressed in traditional Punjabi attire, the place exudes homely and rustic feel. Unlike other five star eateries, you won’t be pampered with those heavily padded sofas or cushions; rather you’ll come across simple wooden furnishings including simple chairs and tables, upholstered in colorful and effervescent atmosphere.

In the traditional cooking style, ghee and butter are chief ingredients and are poured excessively over dishes and breads. However, keeping in mind the choice of cuisines and health-consciousness of metropolitan-dwellers, dishes are cooked in the classy continental version of desi-food.

On the whole, the place is ideal for desi-foodies, who want to have nothing, but best of food, no matter how much they have to pay for those lip-smacking dishes. But at Dhaba by Claridges, diners do not have to bear strain of high-prices, as each and every dish is reasonably priced and have a taste of its own, which compels diners to keep coming back to the dhaba, over and over again. In order to enable diners to forget all sorts of materialistic worries and dig into scrumptious and authentically prepared north Indian cuisines and simultaneously enjoy classic melodies of golden era.

The menu here is categorized into three broad categories that entail the ascribed:

  • Tawa
  • Tandoor
  • Patila

Besides catering traditional Punjabi cuisines, there’s a big list of other items including Kanan baigan, pav bhaji, keema paw, golgappe ki chaat, Dhaba chilli chicken, to mention a few.  To complement these hot and sizzling dishes, you can take aam panna, jal jeera, mango lassi and a lot more. To know more, search online and will get to know about lip-smacking menu of the day!

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