Delicious Mother’s Day Desserts That Mom Loves To Eat


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It’s May almost and we are approaching the month of our beloved celebration of Motherhood. In India, this year, Mother’s Day falls on the 10th of May. Every year we might have different planning, but this year’s celebration will be different. We don’t know whether the quarantine would be over by that time or not. But, a celebration at home sounds also fun and unique. We can celebrate with varieties of desserts since mothers have sweet-teeth. Here are some delicious Mother’s Day Desserts that our moms love to eat.

1. Chamomile- Mascarpone Tart with Fresh Strawberries :

Mothers are very fond of trying out different things. All this dessert dish needs are some chamomile flowers, some sweet cream, and fresh-cut strawberries. First, you need to put a lot of sweet tasting crème on the dish. It can be vanilla or chocolate or even caramel flavored. On it, you need to decorate the fresh strawberries on them. Now the little sour of strawberries mixed with sweet cream will create a unique tasty delicacy. To make it look amazing, put some chamomile flowers on the strawberries. Your mother would feel excited to have such a beautiful Mother’s Day gift.

2. Chocolate Lollipops :

Chocolates have been the guilty pleasure of many on this planet- irrespective of age and flavor. SO, chocolate will make a yummy dessert for mom on Mother’s Day. First, you need to have some molten chocolate which you need to mix with some nuts, almonds, pistachio, and chips (vanilla/chocolate). Batter it will in a deep bowl. Then put it into lollipop ice cream cases and refrigerate it for a longer period. It could serve as an amazing choice of dessert after lunch and dinner.USA has been very famous for this kind of chocolaty dessert production.

3. Peanut Butter Cake :

Peanut has always been one of the most successful ingredients of desserts. You can garnish your dessert with a spoonful of it. First, you need to bake the cake of your choice. It can be chocolate cake, vanilla cake mixed fruit cake- anything that your mother lovers. Once the cake is baked, cut it into bread-slices and decorate it like a floral petal on the platter. Then before surfing it to your mother, spread some peanut butter on it. It will make your mother’s mood good at the celebration of her day.

4. Chocolate Pie :

A chocolate pie is a mouth-melting, finger-licking delicacy that makes the mood of any person go to the moon. A simple chocolate pie is no doubt an amazing delicacy, but as it is your Mother’s day, you just try to improve it a little with some different flavors. Adding some salted caramel in your chocolate pie will just give it a differently beautiful taste. But it is a very rich cake- so a small piece would be just fine. If you are staying away from your mother on this Mother’s Day, then you can send Mother’s Day cake USA  the address of the recipient and this cake. Your mother would love it.

5. Chewy Chocolate Cookies:

This dessert looks delicious itself. The dark brown chocolates along with the visible crunchy choco-chips, all make it the king of all desserts. It is as simple as you make a cookie. But to make the chewy feeling, do not forget to add some thick Hershey chocolate molting inside the cookie. It even at times, looks like cookie dough and who is not fond of dough in any taste and shape! Whip a chocolate cream dough and bake these cookies yourself at home, it’s very easy. You can even order Mother’s Day cookies online from famous online cake shops.

6. Blueberry Cupcakes :

Blueberry cupcakes are amazing ways of satiating your family members on your Mother’s Day celebration. First, you need to have some tarts of your favorite flavor. But a tip-as blueberry is not a sweet cream, rather a sour one, it would better taste with something sweet base. Then you put the white cream on the tarts and spread some blueberry sauce atop it to give it a delicious flavor. Your mother would love to see how much you care for her.

7. Mother’s day special Crepe Cake :

A crepe cake is one unique taste cake that tastes more like a crunchy chip-stack than a soft cake. To make the crepe cake first, you need water, milk, eggs, unsalted butter, all-purpose flour, sugar, and salt. This might make you think that it will take more than an hour to make a crepe cake, but not. You can make a 30 layer or more crepe cake within just some minute’s time. DO not forget to put your mother’s favorite flavor crème in between the layers of the crepe cake. And garnish it with some edible flowers and prepare a tasteful dessert on Mother’s Day.

8. Fresh Fruit Cheesecake Pie :

For all the various types of pie cakes, USA is the best place to look up to. If your beloved mother is a fruit lover, then this cake will just make her Mother’s Day dessert perfect. On a platter spread with non-baked cheesecake, slices of her favorite fruit or seasonal fruits not only makes the cake taste awesome but gives a beautiful color-burst as well.

Mother is one of the best things that happen in your life. We should express how much they mean to live by celebrating Mother’s Day with these delicious platters full of desserts.

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